Within The Ruins

Who says a band needs to disappear for years at a time between albums? Pantera dropped a classic album every other year from 1990 to 1996. The late Chuck Schuldiner unleashed seven classic Death albums in the span of just over ten years. So when a band hits the kind of creative stride, chemistry and metallic momentum WITHIN THE RUINS tapped into with last year’s breakthrough album they’d be fools to slow down now.

Within The Ruins wasted no time in crafting a new career-defining landmark, Phenomena. The band’s new album is the next step forward from Elite, further jettisoning all but the best components of the oft-maligned “deathcore” genre to reveal a band whose all out assault of heaviness won’t be confined by genre. The band shreds with the best of them of course, maintaining a place next to Between The Buried And Me and The Faceless, but the new album is even more about songs than scales.

Circadian Lapse

Circadian Lapse is a new progressive metal band formed in Stanhope, NJ. The current lineup is Shane Santucci, Ned Ryan, Matt Shindle, Ryan Flaherty and Levi Parkas. The band keeps a common time feel while shifting seamlessly through methodical meter changes and emotion reflective tempo shifts. The lyrics masterfully toe the line between insanity and poetry. Stainless fretwork and clean hooks mesh harmony with the murderous chugs and intricate riffs. The vocals are aggressive, and harmonize the contrasting styles of Shane and Ned. The punchy drum fills and tight unisons hit with staggering power.

Since the early months of 2016, the group has been relentlessly grinding to put out new material and meet new faces. They've played shows throughout New Jersey, put out two singles, including a music video, and wrote and recorded a full length record. Their debut album, "A Suppressed Existence", will be available on Friday, June 30th. You'll want to throw the heck down to this one.


Degrader is a hardcore / mixed melodic genre affiliated band reigning from South Shore, MA. To this day, the band continues to tour, as well as plan for future releases and overall music.

Lost In Separation

Lost in Separation is a 4 piece progressive metalcore band hailing from Dallas-Ft Worth, Texas.

For Those Who Can See

For Those Who Can See is a Metalcore band based out of South Jersey consisting of Jeff McTigue on Vocals, Jordan Harris on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Josh Kuhn on Lead Guitar, Tauhid Al-Farook on Bass, and Brandon Favro on Drums

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$15 in advance, or $20 cash at the door

$5 Food & Beverage minimum collected in cash at door for all guests under the age of 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant.

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