RFA is a four-piece garage rock and roll band from Philadelphia, PA. The strapping young quartet formed out of a couple of lunch table conversations about Elvis, The Rolling Stones and The Strokes while its members were just sophomores in high school attending St. Joseph’s Prep in North Philadelphia. All four of the guys—Dan Cousart (vox/guitar), Christian Turzo (lead guitar), Brendan McHale (bass/vocals), and Alec Powell (drums)—met at auditions for the school “rock band” and quickly hit it off, bonding over their shared love of stripped down rock and roll music and a ravenous hunger to perform in front of an audience. They played together in various bands throughout high school before finally coming together in their current incarnation when all four members moved to Philadelphia for college.
The band, in good rock and roll fashion, immediately plunged into the Philadelphia music scene head first, cutting their teeth playing countless shows in damp basements and small clubs, all the while honing their skills night after night and captivating whoever was lucky enough to experience one of their infamously raucous shows. Three years later with two EP’s a new single, two national tours, a film soundtrack, and countless hours of relentless, sweaty performances under their collective belt, the group is tighter than ever and anxious to preach their unique take on the rock and roll gospel to all that will listen—these four guys have something to say, and are going to say it the only way they know how: loud, proud, and with a shot of rye whisky for good measure.

The Dead Flowers

Fabricated in the basements of the underground New Brunswick music scene, The Dead Flowers are a young Rock N Roll band that bring involuntary movements of the head and hips into the bars, basements, and ballrooms from Philly to NYC. The hypnotizing melodies and chest pounding rhythms combined with a captivating live performance sends shock waves through an already mesmerized audience. Fueled by a train of euphoric solos, galvanizing vocals and thundering beats, these are not you’re conventional Rock N Rollers.

Truly an excitement live, these 5; Matt Szkaradnik, Mike Parry, Johnny Dinunz, Zach Tyler, and Steve Verdi always bring the party. With much more to come, and for all to experience. We are The Dead Flowers.

The Mysteries

One sultry evening in Philadelphia, four disoriented young men awoke to find themselves summoned by a seductive stream of vibrations.

Hours of desperately searching for the source of the strange pulse, left the boys exhausted and discouraged. The shadowy figure of Rodney Jacobs suddenly emerged out of the darkness. Sporting high-top sneakers and a North Carolina Tar Heels snapback, he came bearing a mysterious envelope filled with psychedelic instructions.

$12.00 - $15.00


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