A Hippie Christmas with Phun + Mr. Blotto

PHUN (Phish Tribute)

PHUN was created by guitarist Mike Scieszinski in 2009. Almost ten years later, the band that began as a Phish Tribute band from Madison has grown into a musical juggernaut in the Midwest scene. Playing the best venues and drawing huge crowds of Phish hungry Phans.

“Part of our success is the energy and band chemistry we bring to the show,” said Scieszinski. Members of PHUN have been playing together on and off for two decades, and it shows!

With the advent of social media, songs and setlists are voted on by the fans. It's a great way for the band and the audience to share the love of Phish that brought them together in the first place and serves as an interactive experience; guiding the show by crowd-sourcing.

Almost anyone who is a fan of Phish, is going to enjoy a PHUN show (for obvious reasons). The band aims to create a safe space for any and all to enjoy the groove; good vibes, kindness and respect. Some sit, some stand, some dance, and some sway; but everybody is entitled to a little PHUN!

PHUN is excited to announce that they have brought the performance to a new level with a killer light show! Phish has been creative and unique with their lighting, and PHUN has followed suit. You don’t want to miss it.

PHUN is also extremely excited to announce that this year for Hippie Xmas, they will be joined by the BBQ Boys Horn section for a truly amazing, Phish-style celebration.

Mr. Blotto was born in Chicago as an off-night vehicle for musicians who loved each others playing but were in different bands at the time. The only rule was that they would only play what they loved. That philosophy continues today and has led Mr. Blotto into unique musical situations.

Mr. Blotto takes the Jam band asthetic into areas unfamiliar to the standard Jam Scene. They have been known to cover entire albums by Led Zeppelin and the Who as well as perform entire shows of Country and Reggae. Artists as diverse as the Grateful Dead, the Flaming Lips, Willie Nelson and The Velvet Underground have seen their material interpreted by Mr. Blotto in the 2000+ shows the band has performed in the last 15 years, yet covers only pepper the bands hefty catalog of original material stemming from five studio albums and other unreleased crowd favorites.

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