Hawk Percival and Friends, Rubaiyat, Mama Larky, Dylan Rodrigue

Hawk Percival and Friends

An eclectic amalgamation of classic rock and feelings in the night, The Hawk believes that sound is an emotional experience and a union of the elements, using music as a tool for connection.

Rubaiyat is a four piece doom-wop band based out of Los Angeles, California.
Singer/songwriter Joel Carl Heinrich ( Black Ass Humans of the Neon Future,
The Oarsman, Rat Rios) has teamed up with his friends to play earnest love
songs in the key of Chad Vangaalen while exploring the raw emotional side of
relationships. Rubaiyat’s songs are a romp through a lover’s heart; from Out in the Night’s
rowdy “drunk on the moon” lover stumbling home for romance in the backyard
to Yer Ture’s sweetly, sincere and misplaced love where Joel channels
Kim Gordon’s woeful croon, singing “You were my friend/but I loved you”
Rubaiyat captures the spectrum of our emotional lives with the lyrical care of
​Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits.

"Moving from middle school hallways to making dreamy psych music, Mamalarky are the [originally] Austin-based trio you should start paying attention to. Dropping the first track from their upcoming debut EP “Fundamental Thrive Hive” today, “Nonmonogamy” is a technicolour taste of the wonders we can expect.

Made up of Livvy Bennett, Dylan Hill and Michael Hunter, the trio’s hazy melodies beautifully highlight Livvy’s vocals as she sings about empowering, self-acceptance. With the kind of youthful zeal that calls back to summer days." - Wonderland Magazine

"Austin’s Mamalarky sound like a welcomed guzzle of cool water after prolonged dehydration. Floating through their music on a psych-pop cloud, swelling and diminishing, ebb and flowing through their lofty, pale-hued soundscape is a refreshing break from scuzzy guitars and odes to the psych-rock gods. Leaning into a fully contemporary soundspace, Mamalarky aren’t interested in connecting dots along the indie pop timeline, choosing to revel in the “now,” and in doing so putting themselves square on the pulse of what’s driving Austin’s underground indie scene." - 98.9 KUTX

"At its best, psych can directly engage our creativity, engender catharsis, and leave listeners starry-eyed and mute, stuck in the splendor of aesthetic stasis. Mamalarky, Austin's newest psych trio, makes snappy psych-pop that sounds both vintage and contemporary but never indulgent." - Do512

Dylan Rodrigue



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