Professor Brian Cox

"Brian Cox is as Famous, if not more famous, in the U.K. than Carl Sagan EVER was here in America.
If you’ve never heard of him, you’ve gotta know about this guy.”
- Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Professor Brian Cox UNIVERSAL world tour 2019. With state of the art imagery using massive ultrahigh definition screens Brian will explore the nature of space and time from the big bang to black holes, the latest missions to the planets and the origin and fate of life and intelligence in the Universe. He offers a fascinating insight into the workings of nature at the most fundamental level.
Whether an avid science reader or a total novice, Universal will make the latest scientific discoveries and ideas accessible.
Brian will be joined by his co-host of The Infinite Monkey Cage and award-winning comedian Robin Ince to oversee an audience Q&A, giving fans the chance to ask any questions they have and making every show unique.

"If I had a torch I would hand it to Brian Cox” – Sir David Attenborough

"On the last tour I loved talking about astronomy and cosmology in very large venues that usually only host rock bands. The great advantage was the ability to use vast, state of the art screens to display images of the cosmos as we’ve never seen them before. 30 meter-wide images from the Hubble Space Telescope are certainly something to behold. On this new tour, I’m going to go a step further with the technology, to the horror of my promoter because it’ll be bloody expensive. But it’ll be bloody spectacular as well, and I hope it’ll offer people a completely new perspective on our place in the Universe."

“I’m a huge fan of your work.  One of the things that is so important about what you do, what Neil deGrasse Tyson does, is that you guys, you are entertaining as well as having a genuine passion and deep knowledge of science.” – Joe Rogan


‘The TV physicist, accompanied on stage only by a giant screen showing the most awe inspiring images and comedian Robin Ince, took the audience on a journey through time and space covering our galaxy and beyond.
Professor Brian Cox’s charisma and passion will make you wish you had concentrated more in your physics class.’    The Arena - Event Review -- Our Verdict

‘As he flicked through time, space, and the origins of the universe -- the entire audience was on the edge of their seat throughout and Prof Cox was deservedly given huge applause at the end.
It seems his live shows have gripped the nation as much as his fascinating and fantastically crafted documentary TV series, which have led to a legion of fans across the globe.’ Express and Star U.K.

‘Professor Brian Cox takes science to a new dimension in this new stage show. His innate ability to make highly complex matters enormously entertaining and easy to contemplate has made his science television shows ground breaking in their audience reach and accessibility.’ The List, U.K.

‘Unmissable’ Daily Record
‘Spectacular!’ Yorkshire Eve. Post
‘Awe Inspiring ‘ The Arena – Event Review- Our Verdict
‘Enormously Entertaining!’ The List, UK 

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