Night of the Blue Swan IV: The Fall Of Troy

Blue Swan Records was founded by Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance in 2013. It is run with the help of Sergio Medina and Donovan Melero, all current touring musicians in the post-hardcore community. The main goal of Blue Swan when it was founded was to put out good music from bands Will enjoyed. Today, we feel like we have done just that, and plan on continuing to do the same thing. This is a community that exists within this genre more than any other out there. Please feel free to join it, and spread the word.

The Fall Of Troy

We’re The Fall of Troy from Mukilteo, Wa.

Hail The Sun is a progressive post-hardcore quartet who met in Chico, CA, while studying music technology. The overlap of influences throughout the group has led them to become one of the most dynamic and intricate musical acts to come out of the scene in decades. Formed by drummer Donovan Melero and guitarist Aric Garcia (who played in a death metal band in high school), the original idea for the musical direction was to remain high-energy, while allowing melodies and harmonies to be a prominent feature, rather than just screaming to portray intense emotion. The addition of Shane Gann and John Stirrat brought additional flavors, and the group began to stretch its creative legs, allowing itself to write parts and songs that were much more heavily influenced by jazz, funk, blues, fusion, and Latin musical styles.

The group has toured extensively throughout its three-year existence, and has recently begun experiencing national exposure. They have one of the most high-energy live shows ever witnessed, and that's all while playing amazingly difficult lines and rhythms. Their drummer is their singer, which is a show in and of itself, and the addition of the other three acting as visual "frontmen," while not singing, lets the audience's attention move from here to there seamlessly, and without feeling bored.

Royal Coda

Super group formed by Kurt Travis, Sergio Medina, and Joe Arrington.

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