The Maine is an American rock band from Tempe, Arizona formed in January of 2007. Their firstfull length, Can't Stop Won't Stop was released July 8th, 2008 to critical acclaim. Reachingnumber 4 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums, The Maine quickly became a household name.Their sophomore album, Black and White, saw the beginning of the band's departure from thesteadfast pop heard on their first release, and showcased a more cohesive rock sound. Theirmajor label debut peaked at number 16 on the Billboard Top 200 which led to their first headliningtour in 2010. Following a world tour in 2011, The Maine announced the release of their thirdalbum, Pioneer, which was released independently and self­funded after their decision to partways with Warner Bros. Records. With Pioneer debuting at number 11 on the Billboard TopAlternative chart, The Maine solidified their position as an indie rock band to be reckoned with.The Maine's success has lead to tours with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory,Good Charlotte and a co­headline tour with Augustana, as well as extensive dates on the VansWarped Tour.On June 4th of this year, The Maine is set to release their fourth full­length album, ForeverHalloween. The record will be released independently in the US in partnership with theirmanagement team, Eighty One Twenty Three, and will be released via Rude Records in Europe,UK, Southeast Asia, Australia and Japan. The album, produced by Brendan Benson of TheRaconteurs, will be the band's second consecutive self­funded release following their major label departure.The album was recorded live through analog tape without the use of computer editing techniqueswhich have become the standard in modern recordings. This gave the album an energy thatcannot be captured any other way than 5 people performing in a room together. "The tapemachine was like having an older, wiser, intimidatingly glowing woman in the room" saysfrontman John O'Callaghan on the experience. "We were all meeting her for the first time, butshe already knew everything there was to know about the five of us. In no single way judgmental,but she sniffed out the bullshit and wouldn't allow us to be anyone we are not. We are now bettermen for meeting that woman."In support of their new album, the band will embark on a US tour from June to July. The Mainewill take the stage headlining the first ever "The 8123 Tour". Look for Forever Halloween June 4th and check out for more information.The Maine is John O'Callaghan, Garrett Nickelsen, Pat Kirch, Kennedy Brock, and JaredMonaco.For all press inquiries please contact


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