Chewy&Bach w/ KR3TURE // Deezy Le Phunk // Jibbles & Bitz // PHIE

KR3TURE is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, amateur chef, and botanical geek. Some of his other projects include audiafauna and feral fauna.


Chewy&Bach are an up and coming Electro-Americana group. Their unique sound has powerful vocals, clean bass-driven production and soaring guitar melodies.
- A love of the roots perfected through Electronic

Deezy le Phunk

Sophie Wilson (PHIE) is an indie-pop, singer/songwriter, and keyboardist from Denver, Colorado. In July of 2017 she released her debut EP “Reckless”, which landed her in the top 10 for 93.3’s Hometown For The Holidays. From sweet to sultry vocals, paired with washy guitar and vulnerable lyrics, her music was quick to capture an audience, with resemblances to Ingrid Michaelson, Lana Del Rey, and Taylor Swift. In the short year that she’s been pursuing music, she’s already played many local venues and will be performing in this year’s Underground Music Showcase. She continues to develop her artistry and is currently songwriting with Side3 Studios, proving herself as a rising force in the Denver music scene.

Without music, life would be a mistake

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