Argonaut & Wasp, Satellite Mode

Argonaut & Wasp

Argonaut & Wasp is made up of Theo Klein and Trey Schibli from Brooklyn, New York. They make the type of music you'd hear on a dreamy summer night that you never want to end. It's a sound that's neither rock nor electronic but it nods to both. A product of a deep, yet eclectic musical upbringing, the duo effortlessly draws from funk, indie and dance to create a zeitgeist sound that's truly their own.

It's the group's unique approach to songwriting that sets them apart. A balancing act between dancefloor torque and footloose songwriting chops, the duo's funk renaissance blends the soulful feel of live instrumentation with the innate dance-ability of electronic production. From slick guitar solos to soulful falsettos, anything and everything is fair game for Trey and Theo.

Channeling the likes of Prince, Hot Chip, Miami Horror, LCD Soundsystem, and more, they came together beautifully on their debut EP Future Protocol. With all four tracks of the EP hitting the Hypem charts, argonaut&wasp have made a powerful statement with their genre-blending release. Not only is Future Protocol a creative and finely-layered record, but it's also insanely catchy, bubbling with addictive hooks and gripping melodies.

Following the EP release, the gentlemen from Empire Boulevard have released two new singles - "Cigarettes & My Beautiful Wife", and "The Sneeze". Breaking new sonic grounds with each of the two new records, Trey and Theo continue to meld genres together, all while staying true to their infectious pop infused dance-rock synth-jock sound.

Satellite Mode

Satellite Mode is a band from New York City who is always writing new music, mostly in tiny rooms with traffic light views. Our intention is to bring these sounds to a much bigger space, preferably a stage, with lights, where the living really happens. Ya.. the live show is where it can get weird; never normal. Who needs normal? Isn't that what we're all trying to escape?

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