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Jackson, Mississippi native Dent May grew up singing in local church groups, acting in school plays, and performing at nursing home gigs with a recorder choir. In high school, he wrote synthy powerpop with his band The Rockwells while recording erotically charged novelty tracks with friends on the side. After three unsuccessful semesters at NYU's film school, May moved to North Mississippi where he helped found the Cats Purring arts collective and formed a countryrock band called Cowboy Maloney's Electric City. In late 2007, inspired by Serge Gainsbourg and Lee Hazlewood, he began performing as Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele and released a digital E.P. of cheeky lofi tunes, A Brush With Velvet. The title is a reference to The Partridge Family, episodes of which May obsessively collected and organized on VHS tapes as a teen. His debut album, The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele, was recorded with Rusty Santos in May's home, a doublewide trailer in Taylor, Mississippi (population: 300). He continues to perform with Cowboy Maloney's Electric City, and recently began recording dance music under the moniker Dent Sweat.

Here is the “who's who” narrative / "Mailing the record inside a pineapple" approach:

I am Chase DeMaster. The me, that was a 20 something college graduate (is now a good time to drop the "Honors in Major" tag?!) with mounds of student loans and credit card debt, wrote a song. That song was the TBD hit (absolute ripper), "Get A Job", and it needed a home. That home, was a band, and so, Get A Life was born. That band was a Tascam Porta 02 (Sergio Trevino from Buxton let me borrow) with a Zoom MRT-3 drum machine(purchased for $30 from Marty Durlam who taught me how to "Tour Smart") and a Frankenstein ('s monster) strat that Dylan Villarreal gave to me in pieces after my guitars were stolen. One time at a house party for Headphones / David Bazan, I showed "Get A Job" to Yuuki Mathews from the Shins (let me show you). He loved it, and jumped in immediately. He started helping me bring more song ideas to fruition. I showed it to Syd Butler at Frenchkiss Records (one of my favorite record labels), and told him how excited I was to be working with Yuuki and he loved it. He offered me a distribution deal for my own label (#veryjazzed) as a subsidiary of the Frenchkiss Label Group. I loved it and with the help of Brandon Lemons (legendary promotion and record label, The Treaty Oak Collective) and started helping other bands release records instantly. As Yuuki and I rounded out the record, I thought we had something special. Yuuki had just wrapped production on the new David Bazan record, "Blanco", and was crossing the finish line on the new Shins record ... Zooming out - Yuuki was producing: David Bazan, Get A Life, and The Shins at the same time. Gotta love that. We showed the record to exceptionally talented Nashville-based mastering engineer, Cody Smith @ Discomyth and he loved it. Meanwhile, the label was growing with new rare and multi-talented artists from far reaching places, it made sense to reach out to one of my favourite (Hindi not English) design teams, Molly and Judson, at, TheValdez.Cool. They loved it and jumped in.

(Album bio to pair w)
With a weirdo-album and a powerful creative team being realized, we started preparing to release this record. As I am continually championing the book, "Our Band Could Be Your Life", (Introduced to me by Matt Ellis from Mia Kat Records, a mentor) this album is quasi inspired by or, more romantically put, a lost chapter from the book, it made sense to rip off the title is some way, so I named the record, "Our Band Could Be Your Life or Debt". After all, it was the single song, "Get A Job", that lead to a band, dream-like opportunities, relationships with the most talented people I know, and a infinite amount of long hours for little pay or the best job I could be so lucky to have! Love it! After resonation what an album is, or what it means to be a fan of a band today. I decided to make a guitar pedal. I reached out to continually inspired Drew Schuessler at Loose Liquid Pickguards. He loved it, and designed the most rad Distortion / Fuzz Pedal. We love it! On Februarary 8th 2018, everyone, noob and old, can putt on their new Get A Life record, grab their guitar, plugin their new Get A Life distortion pedal and and literally join our band. I hope everyone loves it. And* (easter egg) if someone does that with enough intention, for long enough, they might be lucky enough to have a job they truly love! I can't tell if this is a suicide note or a thank you letter, or just a really expensive way to brag about my friends but, either way, this my hype story, and this is what it sounds like. To everyone I couldn't include in this bio, like everyone who listens to the music, buys merch, comes to our shows, or the IRL band, people who book us or my best friend and wife, know that I am very grateful for your support and the time and energy with you. Bye for now.


I started to write these songs as a kind of improvised recording project with string instruments, a drum machine, and a tape recorder. Write and record a song in a single day was my mantra. That awarded me a few luxuries creatively, as I didn't have time to really think too much, or go back and re-record wrongs notes or chords. So, for that reason this record is really special to me, with all it's missed chords and wrong lyrics, and simple ideas.

I met Yuuki Matthews at a party. He encouraged me to finish the album and began helping with the mix and productions. He is really the only reason these demos have been realized in their final form. I am forever grateful to him for his threshold of giving energy and patience with me.

I started playing shows with these some of songs a while back. I have really exercised an open door policy in that, anyone who wants to play, really is welcome. Sometimes, at shows, I give my guitar to people in the audience. Other times, we release fuzz pedals. The name of the record is taken from a book I read that encouraged me by way of doing, and that making music is simply that. Just do it. Everyone is welcome.


I am a music school graduate who can’t get a real job. “Our Band Could Be Your Life or Debt are some songs I recorded on a Tascam 4-track w a drum machine and guitar to prove it. I befriended Yuuki Matthews from the Shins at a house party. He is helping me get famous now. My friends and I built a few (25) guitar pedals to pair with the record too. Join our band.


The instant classic and to be Netflix / indie blockbuster sync-machine, "Get A Job", and other ripping themed coming of age / slacker songs and anthems come to the world in the debut album, "Our Band Could Be Your Life or Debt", from Texas based outfit, Get A Life. Centered around guitar, bass, and drum (machine), arrangements, this record was Mixed and co-produced with the help and support of talented and encouraging, Yuuki Mathews (The Shins, David Bazan, Sonny & The Sunsets). He championed this record from handful of abrasive one-take-Timmy-demos, to a rich "wow this sounds like my favorite band" album of treasures. In fashion with Michael Azerrad's book (from which the band draws it's namesake) Get A Life is putting out it's own boutique / DIY Fuzz Guitar Pedal, "The Job" (, alongside the release.

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