The Domestics

The Domestics

“The great songwriting partnerships all share undeniable sparks, but it’s hard to pin down the specifics of what makes these symbioses so magical. The chemistry is either there, or it’s not. For Michael Finn and Leo London, it’s about as there as you can get.”
- Ryan J. Prado, Portland Mercury

"Gritty guitars, lo-fi drums, and breezy unison melodies with dashes of Wilco, Elton John, and From a Basement on the Hill-era Elliott Smith."
- Spin Magazine

"leaps between spacious vocal refrains and something altogether more urgent and wholesome."
- Gold Flake Paint

“the songs they write aren’t just honest — they’re earnest. In a modern day musical landscape crammed full of lo-fi apathy, The Domestics’ sincerity is a breath of fresh air.”
- Alexei Shishkin, Noise and Color

Ezza Rose

“Her music, previously built on gentle, minimalist melodies and eerie harmonies, takes a different tone on her new LP. More electrified and slightly more ominous than the simple, lilting sound she previously established, this is Rose at her best so far.” - Willamette Week

“Her beautifully delicate, mournfully classic voice floats amongst the loosely bound, misty particles in the air and our minds and fills the cracks with a sound that's chilling and comforting, all at once.” -Vortex Music Magazine

“Ezza’s singer/songwriting talents push on. Her voice is consistently smooth and clear, ethereal, and from the gut. It rises, glides, and falls, not unlike her cover-art for the album, depicting the daffodils that her small mining hometown is known for… While the band’s sound expands with more rock, blues, and experimental elements, The Ezza Rose Band still retains its strong organic roots that have been deepening in Portland for the last several years.” -ElevenPDX Magazine

“The new album, When the Water’s Hot, has truly been a journey for Ezza Rose. Field recordings began some time ago. Songs have had time to gestate and mature. The result? An intense studio album with a sudden and unexpected beauty.” -Oregon Music News

The Shifts

Combining bright guitar lines, bouncing rhythms, sardonic wordplay, and high energy live performances, The Shifts are a Eugene, OR based band formed in 2011 as an indie rock project of frontperson Macks Johanesen. In 2013, the band began performing with the three piece lineup of Macks on guitar and vocals, Eli Tocchini on drums, Jeff Kretsinger on bass. Starting July 2016, they welcomed the new member Maci DeBlanc on keyboard, backup guitar, and backup vocals. In 2014 they released their debut EP, this is fine. proving themselves to be one of the up and coming bands in the region. One year later, the band won Oregon State University's 2015 Battle of the Bands. The Shifts have played in venues across the country and released their eponymous debut album in August 2016.

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