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Kolm is an American rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Comprised of Giorg Yela (vocals, guitar, electronics), Tas Limur (bass) and Mikal Baker (drums, percussion, electronics).
Founded in 2010 by Giorg Yela and Mikal Baker, after their chemistry and musical ideas unfolded through a series of studio sessions with mutual friends.
Kolm’s diverse influences include an array of rock and electronic music; ranging from progressive rock, metal, and experimental to psybient, downtempo, psychedelic and ethnic music. Other inspirations in Kolm’s music are various philosophies, visionaries, and artists. What developed from these influences was a desire to create soundscapes and sonic experimentations that blend rock and electronic music with the intention to take the listener on a musical journey.

Kolm ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund the record and on August 24, 2018, they released their debut, ‘Umbra’, in digital and CD formats and on vinyl in November 2018.

THE must see power trio of Los Angeles. Named by critics as the "Hall and Oates" of metal, this rock band brings passion, fire and brimstone to the stage. When seeing MAL you "have drunk deeply of everything. You have crushed the grapes against your palate. Nothing has been hidden from you. And it has all been to you no more than the sound of music...upon which our lives depend."

Once you’ve placed a label on something it is given boundaries and art rock music does not escape this fate. What was once truly “progressive” is now a full-fledged genre, complete with expectations and etiquette. Alizarin is a band that does subscribe to the rock and metal realm, takes influence from the progenitors, but looks onward to fresher sounds.

Alizarin features Josh Kay on guitar, Jon Damon on drums, and Terran Fernandez on bass guitar. Additionally, keyboardist Adam Holzman (of Steven Wilson and Miles Davis fame) contributed his virtuosic abilities to their album 'Cast Zenith'. The result is a band of musicians who help keep progressive rock progressive. Consider if King Crimson and Opeth had a baby but were force to raise it outside the city, due to an overabundance of djentrification. This may be a place to start but Alizarin endeavors to create compelling music that defies rock expectations.

Born out of the forward-thinking inclinations of guitarist Josh Kay, Alizarin is an instrumental group with a mission to explore unconventional rock music. The trio is based in Los Angeles, CA and released their first full-length album, titled 'Cast Zenith', in July 2018. The album covers a wide spectrum of instrumental sonic landscapes and emphasizes the melodic journey over deliberate technique (though the album does offer plenty of head-imploding technical jargon for the speed fiends).

With their first recording in tow, the band is currently spreading their art around the Southern California area, but with larger events already in the works. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for them on social media and wherever the future of music lives.

The Passengers

Individually they hail from all over the world, but they are a LA based band, where they all met. From the Beatles to the Rolling Stones, to Soundgarden, to Oasis, each member of The Passengers brings their own unique influence and style to the Alt/Rock music in Los Angeles and hopefully, beyond..



  • 9:00 - Alizarin
  • 9:45 - Mal
  • 10:35 - Kolm
  • 11:45 - The Passengers

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