Loose Buttons

A four-piece of native New Yorkers, the members of Loose Buttons came of age during the city’s early 00’s indie rock renaissance, on the heels of local heroes like The Strokes, The Walkmen and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs rising to national prominence. After releasing their sophomore EP ‘Sundays’ in February 2017, Loose Buttons has been met with critical praise that would do justice by their Lower East Side predecessors. Billboard has described the band’s sound as “a blend of new wave and pop all their own” while Consequence of Sound dubbed them “irresistibly sincere.” VICE hailed the group as a “garage-rock-pop good time” and Nylon is “absolutely in love with Loose Buttons’ scuzzed-out indie sound.”

The group’s origins lie in a different New York, a time before CBGB’s was a John Varvatos store. Galvanized by such a musically rich era in their city, each band member picked up an instrument early on and started gigging anywhere they could well before their teenage years (albeit in different bands). Loose Buttons’ lead singer Eric Nizgretsky and lead guitarist Zachary Kantor started playing music together when they were 10 years old, bringing a literal lifetime of experience to their role as the group’s primary songwriting duo. Nizgretsky and bass player Manny Silverstein were randomly-assigned freshman year roommates, ecstatic to discover their mutual love of all things music. The pair met Loose Buttons drummer Adam Holtzberg while he was playing in another group on campus, and were so impressed by his style that they stole him on the spot. He joined full-time the next day, and the four-piece was finally whole.

Loose Buttons’ sound and chemistry developed through years of near-constant gigging in New York, regularly headlining rooms like Mercury Lounge, Knitting Factory and Shea Stadium as their following grew. In the spring of 2016, the band took a break from their hometown scene, relocated to rural Connecticut and recorded the four songs that comprise their ‘Sundays’ EP. The collection is a cathartic and candid look at the demise of a long-term relationship, with lyrics written by Nizgretsky as he went through the experience firsthand. Gaining recognition throughout the music world after the EP's release, Loose Buttons is currently working on their follow-up: a debut full length, on the way next year.

Emerging fully-formed from the skull of a rat, Dances have yoked their animus to decades of well-meaning subterfuge. David Su (China), Sam Stoeltje (Texas), Trevor Vaz (Despair). They're cracking the egg of Neo-New York, drinking blood from marble flasks - three dead boys thrashing ceaselessly against the past.



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