Perta is a Los Angeles-based pop/rock/funk quintet that has set the local club scene aflame with its dramatic stage performances, unique sound, fresh voice, and rich cache of original songs, including the single, “From Fire.” Lead singer/lyricist Mathew Bazulka met bassist Daniel Zuker and keyboardist Colin Kenrick when they were all students at California Institute of the Arts while lead guitarist Chance Taylor and drummer Justin Siegal were attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Disco Shrine (DJ Set)

Jessica Delijani is the LA based, pop spark plug behind Disco Shrine. True to her tongue-in-cheek moniker, Disco Shrine makes music Persian-American who grew up to her family hosting traditional Persian jam sessions. Spurred by her desire to join in on the party, Jessica taught herself guitar and banjo at the age of 16 and started writing/performing folk music.

After a few years of experimenting with "bedroom pop" at home, Jessica finally made her LA debut as Disco Shrine in 2015 and released her first EP, 'Soft Fur'. Her multi-dynamic project encompasses everything from songwriting and dance peformances to DJing! After a few months of playing at all of the quintessential LA landmarks, Jessica became an official Lights and Music Collective DJ, touring all throughout the U.S. and performing at iconic parties like Dance Yourself Clean, Candi Pop, and Beyonce Vs Rihanna.

If she's not starting the party on stage, she's helping to throw it off stage. Jessica hasn't always been in the spotlight, but started by working as a behind the scenes event producer, helping to throw various dance parties and festivals in LA and San Francisco. This love for bringing the community together through music is reflected in her high energy synth pop sound that is bound to get you grooving whether you're in the car or on the dance floor.

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