iO Improv All Stars

iO Improv All Stars

Dumb John combines physical strength and razor-sharp wit to create physically funny and oddly complex characters and worlds. No one sleeps on Monday nights when the All-Stars come to town!



Dumb John and Brady share the stage for a night of all-star improv!

Energy is at the heart of every Dumb John performance. Their barb-wire wit and physical strength create oddly complex worlds filled with characters who are led by their unbridled emotions. Like a fist fight at an all-you-can-eat buffet, Dumb John will kick down the door and leave you begging for another fistful of mashed potatoes. Dumb John is Mike Geraghty, Katie McClain and Steve Plock.

Brady digs deep in to the characters they create, peeling back layers minute by minute until their true intentions are revealed. Brady's characters are able to nurture each other on stage while relentlessly calling each other out on their white lies and misdirections. Like the friend who tells you your breath stinks  because they love you, Brady is wildy honest emotional ride filled with outrageous circumstances and relationships. Brady is Leila Gorstein, Erin Keif and Olivian Nielsen.

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