SAVE VON ELMO !!, Martin Rev, James Chance & The Contortions, Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Martin Rev

American musician and the instrumentalist, born 18 December 1947 in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

James Chance & The Contortions

Born: April 20, 1953 in Milwaukee, USA. Arriving from Milwaukee with a saxophone on his knee, James (Siegfried) Chance/White/Black quickly became the linchpin of the budding New-York No Wave movement, appearing in Teenage Jesus And The Jerks with Lydia Lunch. More than any of his contemporaries, Chance turned harsh, abrasive music into an art form; at one time or another, almost everyone of any importance on the New York art-rock scene was in his band.

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Legendary mystery man Von LMO was hit by a car making an illegal turn, and his pelvis was shattered -- now he faces multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation to walk again.

Von LMO is on Medicare and his expenses are only covered to a fraction of the astronomical medical expenses he faces -- this may wipe him out.

This show has become a benefit to raise funds towards Von LMO's substantial medical expenses, and a celebration of his music.

Martin Rev has joined, plus special *secret* guests celebrating Von LMO's music

==== Friday 10/12 ====


:: Martin Rev --- of Suicide

:::: James Chance & the Contortions

:::::: Ed Schrader's Music Beat
:::::::: Toned

++ special secret guests celebrating Von LMO's music !



Help us save Von LMO -- VON LMO WILL WALK AGAIN !

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