Binary Salon 05 *FREE with RSVP*

Camila Magrane

Camila Magrane is a multimedia artist who has been most noted for the creation of her “Digital Photogram Collages” where she has established a postmodern aesthetic by combining traditional darkroom techniques with the use of digital tools.

Most recently, Camila has been exploring the involvement of technology and interactivity in art. This has driven her to obtain a Bachelor of Science in computer science with a concentration in game development. She continues to hone her skills as a creative coder through the creation of interactive vides, installations and games.

Zoey Vero

Zoey Vero is a visual and installation artist from San Francisco and now based out of Berlin, with a background of a B.A in Architecture from UC Berkeley.

Their current creative practice explores structures and systems, chaotic behaviors, glitches, and sexuality and gender. Immersive and visual environments have become a platform for them to share their artwork and experiment with different concepts ranging from material in motion graphics, photography and video art to generative and interactive art and sound.

Zoey has also performed and displayed works internationally in festivals and galleries such as the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland, Live Performers Meeting in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Cascina Martesana in Milan, Italy, NGBK and Panke in Berlin and in the USA at Gray Area Arts Foundation, Soundwave Festival, Codame Festival, SkyHigh Odditorium, Mystic Creations, Lumen Labs, CSU Monterey, Nimby, Chabot Space and Science Center, F8, and DNA Lounge.



Please join us for an evening of drinks, conversation, and collaboration. Together with interactive artist Marpi, The Midway Gallery started a series that we call our Binary Salons. Our Binary Salons are a place where artists who are working at the intersection of art + technology can come together to share ideas and practices. These Binary Salons are for artists and by artists.

On Novemeber 6 @ 6pm we will feature a new set of artists who use technologies to engage the public in unique and thoughtful ways. Presentations by Dylan Urquidi and Can Büyükberber x Sprayprinters x UCSF will address how the union of art and tech promotes collaboration, public engagement, and education. 


Past Salons have featured artists: Inigo Quilez (IQ), Can Buyukberber, Chelley Sherman, Eccoscreen, Osman Koc, Jeffrey Yip, Swan, Cere Davis, Lauren Bedal & Travis Bennett, Donald Hanson, and Xiaohan Zhang.

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