Energized by power pop propulsion, Britpop runway-readiness, sugary sweet hooks, and a whole lot of sexy swagger, KITTEN has strut into new territory yet again on their latest releases for RED MUSIC. If Pulp and Roxy Music joined forces to write a score for the movie Blow, it might sound something like the New York quartet. Fronted by Chloe Chaidez, the band have magnetically attracted a diehard fan base since the release of 2014’s self-titled Kitten. Not only did the record bow at #9 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, but it also yielded the hit “Cut It Out.” While touring with everyone from No Doubt and Paramore to Charli XCX and Garbage, the group consistently earned the praise of Noisey, Interview, V Magazine, FADER, Time and more. Their standout 2016 EP, Heaven or Somewhere in Between, landed on Rolling Stone’s coveted year-end “20 Best Pop Albums of 2016.” Throughout 2017, the musicians quietly assembled what would become their 2018 project in Brooklyn. Self-producing for the first time, they unlocked a new stylistic spectrum, tempering synths and guitars with personal, powerful, and provocative lyrics. Their latest EP Pink Champagne has properly kicked off this next chapter with teeth and claws out.

Shield your eyes, mortals - Blame Candy has landed. The extraterrestrial, FUTUREGLAMROCK quartet
has descended upon Planet Earth with a guitar-heavy rock and roll mythos guaranteed to twist human
nature on its head and thrust it into the outskirts of the stratosphere. Whether they’re dazzling concert-
goers with lightning-speed instrumental virtuosity, gyrating in flawless synchronicity, or subverting social
norms with gender-bending sartorial irreverence, Blame Candy leaves a glittery trail of destruction
wherever they roam. The band’s bedrock is built upon its dynamic and flamboyant live performance,
which ringmaster Chris Greatti describes as a “reckless and animalistic release of primal energy. Dressed
to impress!” The rambunctious opener “Sweet Tooth” muses on addiction to “rock and roll symphonies”
amidst winding, neoclassical guitar flurries, while the choreographed “Pathetic” dutifully illustrates the
bands knack for earworm melodies and penchant for onstage theatrics. Citing classic influences like Van
Halen, Queen and Prince, as well as modern kinfolk Radiohead and Tame Impala, Blame Candy’s entity is
undoubtedly eccentric and eclectic, and its live show is a must-see hard rock phenomenon unlike any
before. In Greatti’s words, “Blame Candy’s music is music for the 2020’s and beyond. The future of rock
and roll is staring you in the face in matching red vestments. Take my hand and join us.”

A culmination of indie spirit, alternative whimsy, and pop ambition, New Dialogue speaks for the moment. The Los Angeles-based quintet—Ela Kitapci [vocals], Taylor Morrow [vocals], Jason Rodriguez [drums], Michael Sevilla [guitar], and Jeff Badagliacca [bass]—assume an important responsibility by way of their chosen moniker. Signed to RED Music in the fall of 2018, they introduce a singular style and just begun what promises to be a lasting conversation. Start talking.



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