The Metropolitan's New Year's Eve Bash (12.31.12), DJ Jive, DJ Ronnie Roux, DJ Wixx, DJ TAF, DJ Chris Jones, DJ Triz-A, DJ Spin

DJ Jive

Born in the swamp and raised all over the southern hemisphere, Bryan Normand aka DJ Jive started his music career at age 16 rocking house parties in high school. After a transplant to Los Angeles, CA he developed his mixing style with gigs in local nightclubs. He is known for his super eclectic club DJ sets that include a wide range of genres from southern hip-hop & electronica to classic rock & reggae. His rapidly gaining popularity combined with a passion for creative expression through music, Jive is the sought after disc jockey by such clients as: Maxim Magazine, Playboy, Spin Mag, Sony Playstation, Under Armour, EA Sports, and a long list of others. Today he resides in New Orleans and is the creative mind behind Force Feed Radio, brand manger of Sneaker Politics (New Orleans) and works diligently to remain at the forefront of the music and entertainment scene. With an unrelenting schedule DJ Jive can be found undertaking studio projects by day and performing at events, nightclubs, and festivals by night.

DJ Ronnie Roux

In high school, he always had a liking to play the music at everyone’s house party. Stepping into the club scene as a patron, he quickly made friends with the DJ in every nightclub he went to. Then, the luckiest break ever, a resident DJ at a club he went to was ready to retire. With an offer no 19 year old guy could refuse, he took that DJ job without thinking twice. With no formal training and no clue what to do, Ronnie quickly caught on to the DJ scene. The end result of that lucky break made Ronnie Roux one of the most sought after disc jockeys in New Orleans. He’s played in the top nightclubs New Orleans has to offer. His versatility in music formats keeps him busy on the weekends with nightclubs and corporate event planners. He’s contracted with the two biggest corporate event planners in New Orleans for the busy tourism industry. Currently residing at the biggest nightclub in New Orleans, he plays a video DJ set every Saturday at Metropolitan. Whether it’s hip hop, EDM, top 40 or party rock, he can play it all.

DJ Wixx

Born and raised in New Orleans. The Dj seed was planted while helping a friend at a house party, and since then he has been hooked ever since then. DJ Wixx quickly landed his first Saturday Night residency at a local hotspot, “Moby’s”. While pursuing a higher education at Southeastern Louisiana University, he landed his second Dj residency. After his four year reign of college, he returned to New Orleans and moved on to spin at local venues across the 504. As the music scene evolved from club to club, so did his music arsenal, spinning anything from Top 40, Hip Hop to Breakbeat, Old School to Mashups and didn’t stop there by adding videos to his set. His ball of fire mixing teamed up with his panoramic audio taste can be seen and heard in New Orleans every weekend at the Metropolitan Night Club.


DJ TAF was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. He was destined to become a DJ from his older brother being a nightclub DJ. Often playing high school proms and kids’ parties turned into a want for more. Upon reaching the legal age to enter a club, he was itching to start his process of learning the nightclub crowd. He took a light guy job at Metropolitan nightclub to begin. Opening and closing shifts soon turned into prime-time DJ shifts for him. Favorite musical genres include hip-hop and EDM. His DJ appearances thus far include TJ Quils, Pub Zero and Metropolitan. With the introduction of videos to the DJ world, he quickly embraced this new technology to be competitive in the DJ market. Follow him on Twitter @theDJTAF or

DJ Chris Jones

Resident DJ at The METROpolitan Night Club

Instagram UN: ChrisJonesENT

DJ Triz-A

Currently Trey plays in venues all over South Louisiana where he continues to make a name for himself. His goal is to continue progressing as a dj and educate as many people as he can along the way.
Trey has rocked the stage with legendary artists. He has also worked with Adult Swim, Vitamin Water, The Sugar Bowl, LSU, Playboy Girls next door.

DJ Spin

DJ SPIN (Christopher Villagran) a native of Algiers, Louisiana began deejaying at the age of 16. At the age of 18 he was deejaying for Big Boy Records, including New Orleans artists Mystikal, Fiend, and Partners N Crime. In 1993 he was producing and deejaying with Don and Fess of Full Pack Productions, who did in house producing for South Coast Records whose artists include 5th Ward Weebie, Drama Squad, Partners N Crime, Bayou Boy and Ms. Tee. Later DJ Spin also began working with KLC of the Medicine Men (formerly Beats by the Pound) who have produced tracks for Mystikal, Ludacris, David Banner and Soulja Slim.

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The Metropolitan nightclub is famous for 2 of the biggest parties all year long, The Halloween Bash and New Year's Eve. Make sure you bring in your new year at the only place to be in New Orleans, Metropolitan. We will be offering you a first class party like no other establishment. Complimentary champagne at midnight, VIP wristbands that include open premium bar, a costume contest with $1,000 in cash & prizes, advanced VIP room reservations, valet parking, discounted hotel rates, and 3 rooms with balconies all under 1 roof. DJ Jive, DJ Ronnie Roux, DJ Wixx, and DJ TAF will be in the mix. • VIP wristbands are available for this event, they include • Skip the line privileges • Advance purchase on our website • Premium open bar with the select sponsors

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