Dos Four

Gambizi and Dos Four are two unique artists who have been making music together in the Bay Area for several years. Gambizi, as a Hip-Hop artist and Dos Four, as a Latin Artist. The two met each other through a mutual friend in 2012 and have been working together ever since. They have recorded over 12 songs together while still collaborating on their separate projects. They first came together to create a different sound by fusing Hip Hop and Latin music together. As they began to work and create music together, they noticed the chemistry. Music can be perceived as positive and negative, but when these two artists come together, it is a colorful party with a lot of fun and laughter. Dos Four and Gambizi have become residents at local clubs and bars in the greater Bay Area. The response has been excellent and Dos Four & Gambizi are riding the wave of success as it approaches. Recently, the duo traveled and performed in Cuba where they recorded their new hit single titled “Fuego” featuring Cuban star, Geidy Chapman. This duo is on fire, not only performing in their own backyard in the Bay area, but also all over the US at famous festivals such as Calle Ocho, Cubaocho, and on various Miami based television shows such as Happy Hour, TNS, and more.

Dos Four (LEYDER CHAPMAN) was born in Holguín, Eastern Cuba and raised in Havana. He left his family and career as a professional basketball player on the Cuban National Basketball team to pursue his American Dream. In 2001, bound for the Goodwill Games in Australia with a layover in Los Angeles, he chose to remain in the U.S., knowing he would not be able to see his family or country for at least five years in exchange for the freedom to pursue a life of his own choosing. Chapman's talent for performing started at a young age. Even though he excelled in athletics, he was always dedicated to his love for music and dance, and continued to develop his skills as a lyricist and composer. At the age of nine, he began performing in various talent groups in and out of school: dance troops; theater clubs; chorus; and playing percussion. He wrote his first song, "Yo Te Amo Verdad" at the age of fourteen. When Chapman arrived in Oakland, California he able to fully commit his time to creating music. Music was Chapman’s true passion which moved him to found SAOCO, a band specializing in the fusion of Cuban rhythms with popular Reggaeton. It was at this time that Chapman’s name as a musical artist, Dos Four, was formed. SAOCO released their first CD, "La Farandula" in late 2005. In 2008 they released a follow-up album titled the “2nd Round.” Needing creative room to breathe and explore his own style, Dos Four re-arranged his focus onto his solo career and since 2008 he has released a number of albums such as "Ochanlayeo" in 2008, “Changana” in 2009, “El Original” in 2010, "Dos Mil y Una Tonga" in 2011, "La Vida Real" in 2013, "Mi Mission" in 2015, and "Crema" in 2017. Dos Four is the lead Singer/Rapper as well as Composer, Arranger, Producer, and Lyricist. He has been inspired by many such as Candido Fabré, Los Van Van, Tego Calderon, Jay Z, Young Jeezy, and Tupac. Fusing Cuban style rhythms with the Urban beats is Leyder's way of honoring and staying connected to his home country of Cuba while also creating a new home here in the U.S. He enjoys sharing his music and talents with his fans and friends and his love and passion for music and his culture is what continues to drive him forward.

Gambizi is a local San Francisco hip hop artist. Gambizi was raised with Hip-Hop in his veins and he has also been writing music ever since the young age of 10. Gambizi says that music has helped him channel his anger and helped him reach for wide-spread visions. It is the tool that he uses to teach his people and help people understand who he is. Gambizi wants to let the world know how he grew up and what he is capable of. Gambizi comes from a family of musicians and he has family who are part of a Quintet. Gambizi's stage prescence is incredible and he has an magical way of connecting with the crowd, getting people out of their seats, and making sure everyone is having a blast on the dance floor.



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