Suffocation, Car Bomb, Mutant Supremacy, Trenchgrinder


Car Bomb

Car Bomb is a mathcore band from Long Island, NY. Their debut album, Centralia, was released through Relapse Records on February 6, 2007.

Car Bomb first came to be around the year 2000, when Greg Kubacki and Michael Dafferner of the band Neck shared a rehearsal space under a Rockville Center, New York butcher with Elliot Hoffman and Jon Modell of the band Spooge. Over time, the bands became great friends and frequently visited each other's practices. In 2002, Modell, unsatisfied with the music his band was making, recruited Kubacki and Dafferner to form what a side project called Car Bomb. In 2004, Car Bomb began recording. Their first full-length album Centralia was released on February 6, 2007 via Relapse Records.

Mutant Supremacy

Mutant Supremacy formed in 2007 after Atakke guitarist Sam Awry met drummer Robert Nelson at a Vital Remains concert. Together with guitarist Glen Syzmanski they recorded demo versions of their songs in the Summer of 2008, and with Robert's brother Jesse on bass played their first show on Oct 5th 2008. Shortly after, permanent bassist Winslow joined and Daniel Satanas replaced Glen, who had to leave due to personal obligations. The new lineup recorded 2 songs in August 2009 for a split e.p. with Cleveland's Nekrofilth, due out this year on Iron Bonehead(Ger.). The band has recorded a full length recording at Full Force Studio(Suffocation, Catastrophic, Internal Bleeding), engineered by Joe Cincotta. The album, entitled "Infinite Suffering" will be out on cd and vinyl this summer. In May 2010, Curtis Johnston replaced Daniel as second guitarist. Mutant Supremacy plays Death Metal the old way, raw, hateful, and uncompromising. They have shared the stage with such acts a Nekrofilth, Metallion(Can.), Bastardator(Can.), Slaywhore, Gigan, Lecherous Nocturne, Landmine Marathon, Cannabis Corpse, Deceased, Soulless, And Whiplash. They stand ready to unleash their apocalyptic vision of a tragically flawed human race signing its own death warrant on the metal masses, and will not stop until all have been left bloodied and broken in their wake. You've been warned...


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