They're a Melodic Hardcore band from Cleveland,OH signed by InVogue Records.

Vocals: Ian Slagle
Guitar: Kevin Burrows
Guitar: Tony Reed
Bass: Dan Ackerman
Drums: Peter Reilly

Live For What Lasts

Hardcore/Melodic Hardcore band from North Carolina.

Our Blue Lights

Our Blue Lights Is an Indie/rock band based in West End, North Carolina. The band began in November 2011 with its three founding members Michael Kegl, Dustin Burrell, and Jack Geshel. Guitarist Dustin Burrell and Drummer Jack Geshel had been playing music together for over 5 years, before Our Blue Lights was formed. Most of this time was spent, learning to play their instruments and forming a style, and meeting many local musicians such as Michael Kegl and John Clement (Now Bassist).
In the bands early days as a three piece band Michael played bass and sang. The band had written about three songs when they decided to take the first trip to the recording studio and record their first single "Nervous Wreck." This gave the band a new perspective on their music and provoked a lineup change. The band wanted a sound that they could not achieve with only three members. Henceforth Michael picked up the guitar and the bands longtime friend John Clement joined the band as the new bassist.
Now as a group of four the band began to furiously write new songs for an EP that they would release later that year "Fiction Bats." In retrospection the EP was used as more of a tool to help develop and mature the band's sound into something truly extraordinary. After recording the EP the band began playing shows at local venues and building a fan base.
Immediately after the release of "Fiction Bats" the band began writing songs using what they learned and refining their personal style. "The Grand Space Voyage" was released months after and their sound progressed along with each song made. The bands drummer Jack Geshel made a clean split with the band due to school reasons and will be missed greatly by everyone. The Empty role of drummer was quickly filled by a friend Devin Oldham. Since this time the band has recorded a few new songs on an EP titled: Babyneck and they are very excited with the direction that their new music is headed.

$12.00 - $20.00


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