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Snake Canyon

SNAKE CANYON is a hard-rock band hailing from NYC's East Village who play intense, hook-laden and memorable tunes for a growing crowd of devotees.

The group was founded by Morgan Liebman, Joe Hogan, Vance Garcia, Jeremy Sosville and Ilya Hamovich. The basic concept behind the band was to incorporate proven and recognizable talent from the LES rock scene in a new band with an eye towards creating a buzz straight out of the box. Over the next year songs like "Coming After You", "Spineless" and "No Apologies" were written and honed to perfection. Some lineup changes ensued due to personal commitments and musical differences, after extensive auditions Texas Clamp was added on drums, quickly followed by AJ on guitar. The new lineup continued to write material such as "Devil", "Blackout 77" and "Killing Rock" and went on to record a demo over the winter of 2012-13. SNAKE CANYON has been playing select gigs around the NYC area with some of the best bands in the surging NY rock scene and are continuing to hone their sound and live performances.

A little about the band members:

Morgan "SuperMorgan" Liebman is a party promoter and vocalist who has been involved in the East Village rock scene for many years, he stages the popular FBomb party at the Delancey every month, deejays Metal, Punk and Classic Rock at many venues around the city and has sang for NYC cult bands First Order, Steel Fucking Morticians and Supervillain. He now writes the lyrics and vocal melodies for SNAKE CANYON, shaping their vibe on the mic.

Joe Hogan is a well-respected audio engineer and guitar god on the downtown scene. Joe has appeared in such memorable bands as Roarfiend, Gorgon, Stark, The Slags, Gravity, Dead Family and Action Daddy and is now currently co-writing tunes and tearing it up on guitar for SNAKE CANYON.

Vance Garcia, the band's bassist, holds down the rhythm with chops garnered over years of gigging out with such bands as Ratchethead, Untouchables and Gyna Gyna before joining forces with SNAKE CANYON. Known as the "X-Factor" Vance bring a sense of maturity and funk to the band's powerful onslaught.

Texas Clamp is a whirlwind on the drums who is primarily known for his time in Banana Fish Zero, The Situationist International (TSI) as well as The Slags with Joe Hogan. Texas has been fired from some of NYC's best underground bands. Wild, loud and unpredictable describes his demeanor on and off of the stage. Texas has somehow found his way into the lineup of SNAKE CANYON which he now calls home.

AJ hails from the South Bronx, his sound reflects his gritty, hardcore upbringing. His style encompasses the powerful attack of Tony Iommi mixed in with the chaos and improvisational freedom of Jimi Hendrix. His stage presence and performance are at once energetic, immediate and forceful. AJ is the newest addition to SNAKE CANYON's lineup, and he completes the aural concept of the band. Known for playing guitar in Jesus Knevil for many years, we welcome him into the fold as we look to the future.

SNAKE CANYON's mission is simple, to rock the hell out of everyone they come into contact with, combining their years of experience, love of heavy music and blistering live performances.

We invite you to descend into SNAKE CANYON and get bitten by our venomous brand of rock!!!!



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