Atlanta native, Mark Evans, has spent his entire life in the south. His "Southern...not stupid" tour has been taking clubs by storm all across the country and at the same time, erasing the myth that all southerners are a bunch of inbred pig farmers! Mark brings a perfect blend of humor and sarcasm which points out the lighter side of the dumb things we see and hear every day. As he puts it, "We all either cause, or suffer from these random acts of stupidity! The humor is in finding out which one of these two categories we fall into." His fresh approach not only leaves them laughing in the aisles, but hopefully a little bit wiser!

My comedy journey started in 2009 when I returned to the US from Afghanistan. I had just gotten off of Active Duty and I was looking to reintegrate into society. Naturally I was drawn to a life of living on the road and meeting new people, but my foray into professional dance was short lived, so I tried stand-up comedy instead.



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