Tierra Santa

Power Metal (Heavy Metal) band from Spain.
Tierra Santa is formed in 1992.

Current line-up
David: Drums
Ángel: Vocals, Guitar
Arturo: Guitar, Back Vocals
Roberto: Bass, Back Vocals
Mikel: Keyboard

Former/Past members
Juanan : Keyboard
Óscar: Keyboard
Paco: Keyboard
Tommy : Keyboard
Iñaki: Drums


Exegesis is a Colombian metal band based in Chicago IL founded in 2003 and led by the Garzon brothers Juan Carlos Garzón and Andres Garzón. The sound of Exegesis is characterized by the influence of Heavy metal, Death metal, Progressive Rock and Latin American sounds.

The performance is supported by visual effects,make-up, theatrical costumes and special sets that create and represent the graphic concept of the band with different symbols.

The band has 4 studio productions:
2007: Tears of blood
2009: Artificial Spirit
2017: Insurrection
2018: AMEN

Current Members:
Andres Garzón (Guitar and Back Vocals)
Juan Garzón (Bass and Lead Vocal)
Nik Simmons (Drums)

Acerus is a Heavy Metal semi-studio project formed in 2012.


We are a 5 piece metal band from Little Village Chicago. Music we play is music we love.

$50.00 - $60.00


Tierra Santa is rescheduled to perform on Sunday, March 3, 2019. 



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