Lenore, Motopony (Stripped), Lili St Anne

The coming together of Rebecca Marie Miller & Joy Pearson as Portland, Oregon folk outfit, Lenore., is serendipitous, to say the least.
After individually hitting rock bottom — Pearson following a divorce & Miller after a period of destitution in LA — the pair
separately turned to songwriting in the search for a still point in their turning worlds.

After years of lending their abilities to other projects, including Saddle Creek’s The Mynabirds & Portland’s High Water Jazz Band, they finally
found themselves spinning on the same axis when a chance meeting through a mutual friend, Pokey LaFarge, sparked an immediate connection.
A drunken night ensued & before they’d even scoped each other’s material, they had committed.

Now, two years since that fateful evening & Lenore. can boast having performed at legendary PNW venues including Mississippi Studios,
Aladdin Theater & Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, as well as the Sunset Tavern, Triple Door & Tractor Tavern in Seattle.
They've opened for Eric Bachmann, Laura Gibson, Blitzen Trapper, Gomez, Olivia Chaney, The Mynabirds & they've shared the stage with
Peter Buck (R.E.M.), NPR's 2016 Tiny Desk Contest winner, Gaelynn Lee & Chris Funk & Jenny Conlee of The Decemberists.

Since forming Lenore., Miller & Pearson have gained full-time collaborators in seasoned Portland musicians
Edward Cameron (classical guitar) & Jessie Dettwiler (cello), who have contributed significantly to
the evolution of Lenore.'s sound — a dreamy melancholic blend of harmony-driven folk with an ever-present sense of hope.
More recently, Lenore. welcomed Austin Christ (bass guitar) to their musical family & they are often joined by Daniel Hunt (drums).

Lenore. released their debut self-titled album produced by John Askew on 9/15/2017 — it's available everywhere you find your music...


American indie band form Tacoma, Washington, USA.

Lili St Anne

With feverish energy, lyrical melodies and unexpected syncopation, the intimate songwriting and vaulting vocals of Lili St Anne (Elizabeth Fagan, Jason Miller, and Sam Arnold) envelope you in an ethereal world permeated by strains of neo-soul, 1940s jazz, appalachian folk, and human howls.



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