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Over the last decade, Rory Ferreira, aka Milo, has captivated minds with an enthralling sense of lyricism and musical dynamics. His records, touring, and overall presence activates a space in hip-hop unlike anything else during this era, enriched with an authenticity that is magnetically caustic. A rare and vibrant bloom that shines amongst a field of decay. The new full-length album from Rory Ferreira is another testament to this trajectory, scheduled to release budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies on his imprint Ruby Yacht this fall. Long roads traveled and electrifying experiences accumulated, budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies is music of life and community, funneled through a state of respite, contemplation, and activation.

A message from Rory Ferreira over budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies:

This album doesn’t have an arc or a point or a moral to preach. It’s a contemporary rhythm and poetry album made by someone who loves the form and enjoys creating what they want to hear in the world. All of my songs become spells. I go out into the world, corralling small groups together and we yell and cry and howl and laugh around these words, some being gorgeous lies that come true.

With seven years of urban shamanism under my belt I no longer seek the story of the adventurer, I seek the experience. I cannot tell you all about it as that would commodify, as that would turn what is decidedly non-fractal into SEO keyword. I refuse. So what you hear in this album is simply a pamphlet. Little aphorisms and landmines to burst your mind out of the mundane. A moment, broken myth and hopes and torments, ridded out of myself as they came; very little editing.

This record is on the other side of time and guarded from the avant-garde and their cynicisms, as well as the mainstream and their perpetual boredom tropes. My collaborators and I got funky and we dared to share that feeling with you, we allowed ourselves to feel ourselves and what followed was exhilarating. A long time coming been coming a long time.

budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies.

Charlie Parker was a great electrician who went around wiring people.

I want to be a great electrician.


Kenny Segal

Although it is his government name, Kenny Segal became the hip-hop alias of Los Angeles drum'n'bass artist Syndakit after coming into contact with West Coast alt-rap troops Freestyle Fellowship at the end of the '90s. A cellist, keyboardist, and percussionist as well, the Maryland-born DJ/producer moved to L.A. in 1997 to attend college for computer engineering, but before long, he changed his major to audio recording. His stature rising in the L.A. underground, Segal co-founded On Point Records in 1998 as a member of his drum'n'bass collective the Helium Crew, and became a regular staple in the Konkrete Jungle club nights in the city. In those electronic dance circles, Segal first crossed paths with Freestyle Fellowship MC P.E.A.C.E. at L.A.'s Spaceland club circa 1999. That friendship was the catalyst for Segal's new hip-hop direction and prompted him to work more in the L.A. underground hip-hop scene. Segal went on to produce entire albums by the likes of P.E.A.C.E. (Megabite [2004]) and Phoenix Orion (3080 Flux [2002]) as well as contribute beats to various Project Blowed and Freestyle Fellowship-affiliated projects. Moreover, he was constantly tapped to make beats for other ventures, such as TV commercials and adult films. His first proper full-length (as either Segal or Syndakit), Ken Can Cook, a mostly instrumental LP, arrived in 2008 via Project Blowed. —

Anis Mojgani

Anis Mojgani is a two time National Poetry Slam Champion, winner of the International World Cup Poetry Slam, and multiple-time TEDx Speaker. He has been awarded residencies from the Vermont Studio Center, AIR Serenbe, and the Oregon Literary Arts Writers-In-The-Schools program. Anis has performed at numerous universities, festivals, and venues around the globe and has performed for audiences as varied as the House of Blues and the United Nations. His work has appeared on HBO, NPR, and in the pages of such journals as Rattle, Forklift Ohio, Paper Darts, and Thrush. He is also one heck of a nice guy.

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