Witch Ripper

Witch Ripper

Hyper Sloth

Hyper Sloth is a four piece rock and roll band with melodic metal overtones. All four members are seasoned musicians who are very focused and driven by their passion to create. With their combined talents and experience in the scene, they formed this all original band from the ground up in Feb. 2014 and just finished their first EP "Crack The Whip"..Hyper Sloth takes their music very seriuosly but at the same time they are sarcastic pranksters that love to just have a great time and play some rock "n roll....

On vocals is "Phoebe Blume". Phoebe is a power house vocalist with an incredible dynamic range and natural talent for coming up with great melodies and harmonies. She writes her own lyrics, and the raw power she harnesses with her voice is chilling. She is a seasoned musician with a natural talent for fronting a band, her energy and charisma will keep you captivated.

On guitar is "Issa Koberstein". Issa is an extremely versatile and creative musician. Playing since the age of 6, he has forged his own powerful and original style from a vast range of influences.. He's also an accomplished song writer and teacher and has worked with Grammy winning musicians in previous projects... Some of his previous projects include "We Have Guns", "Sickman" and "Issa Band".

On bass is "Terry Travis". Terry plays with extreme precision and dynamics and creates a truly heavy thunderous wall of sound. He is an accomplished musician with a very creative mind and is know from such bands as "The Dead Americans".

On drums is "John Raden". John is an incredibly solid drummer and teaches drums for a living. He is also very dedicated and professional musician all around. With years of experience and dedication to his talent, he brings an amazing and powerful sense of dynamics and girth to the band. Some of his previous projects include "The Dead Americans" and "Candy Apple Blue".

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