Airpark and Babe Club


Recognizing with universal understanding that time is a precious and ever-fleeting commodity, below are all the pertinent informational points for Airpark’s upcoming EP release...

-Airpark is a Nashville-based duo - comprised of brothers Ben Ford and Michael Ford, Jr. – that formed in early 2017. People often think that they're twins, but they're not; however, the archetypal mystic sibling connection is very much there.

-Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley (Tennis) produced and recorded the band’s new record in Denver, CO over nine days at their studio, Mutually Detrimental.

-Said EP is entitled Songs of Airpark and features five tracks mostly about confronting and overcoming conflict, but there’s definitely one tune about lust. The collection of songs will be released October 12 on the brothers’ own Eugenia Hall Records.

-While in the studio, the group would reference and channel the music of Serge Gainsbourg, The Zombies and America, to name a few.

-Ben and Michael found the recording process to be truly collaborative and thoroughly enjoyable. Furthermore, they feel that Pat and Alaina are “the real deal” and “exactly what we hoped they would be like.”

-A discerning ear would say the new music feels like a healthy evolution of the Airpark sound with an emphasis on soulful vocals, drums that groove particularly hard and the occasional nod to ‘70s pop jams. The first single ‘Devotion’ is a shining technicolor example of all of the above.

-The record was mastered by Mark Chalecki at Little Red Book Mastering in L.A. He’s also worked with Cass McCombs and A.A. Bondy, whom Ben and Michael are big fans.

-What’s next you ask? Heavy fall touring. The live show has taken on new life with frontman Michael using a mid ‘60s Hofner violin bass that sounds fantastic and enhances the aforementioned “particularly hard” groove found in their songs. Witness it for yourself in a major city near you…

Babe Club

Babe Club is an indie rock-new wave band from Charleston, South Carolina. The band is comprised of members from SUSTO: multi-instrumentalist Corey Campbell (SC) and singer-songwriter Jenna Desmond (NY). The pair met and began collaborating in 2013. There was instant chemistry and after touring heavily together in SUSTO, Babe Club formed very naturally. Babe Club is preparing to release a full length album in early 2019.

Drew Beskin

Drew Beskin has been part of the Athens, GA music scene for nearly 10 years. After fronting the bands The District Attorneys, Party Dolls, and PURSES, Beskin released his David Barbe produced debut solo album, Cha-Ching Machine, in the spring of 2017. On October 19 Beskin quickly returns with a new batch of 11 songs for an album titled Nostalgia Porn once again produced by Barbe at the legendary Chase Park Transductions Studio. Nostalgia Porn is a commentary on the state of music today and how people are quick to compare new music to something older. At 31 years young, the prolific songwriter is wasting no time getting new material out and doesn’t seem to care if a song sounds like Badfinger, Big Star or Oasis. All that matters is the song at its core



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