Evil Mutants and Friends with Special Guests AM Radio Hits & Chip Pope

Evil Mutants

Evil Mutants and Friends is an evening of gay celebration and variety. Comedy, art, and music will all collide in a rainbow explosion which leaves the audience stunned, or at least ready for another cocktail!

Evil Mutants have been performing music for years. They are thrilled to call the Satellite home, and look forward to launching a tour of the South with their unique form of country/bluegrass/folk. Drawing on the LGBT experience, Evil Mutants lend an acid sarcasm to a provincial Appalachian trope, pioneering a new genre. Drawing on Michael Martin's time as a subversive comic, musician, and popular Brooklyn writer, they blend elements of truth, mythos, and compassion into a compelling narrative tapestry. Martin curates a two-act show, which is one part stand up comedy, one part cult-music phenomena. It's a rainbow celebration for everyone!

AM Radio Hits

With influences covering the entirety of the AM radio dial (or spectrum), this band can't quite be pegged.

AM Radio Hits, formed in 2016, is a trio from Southern California, jamming all of their musical inspirations into their own unique vibe of what they've coined "Upbeat Heartbreak"

Playing all originals all the time are:
Sonia Sanchez on vocals and upright bass
Dan Leahy on vocals and guitar
Denise Saffren on drums



Standup Comedy by

Steve Halsey
Jared Logan
Rachel Scanlan
Daniel Rugg Webb
Matt LeGrand
Joe Dosch
Teddy Margas

And featuring...


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