Mouse on the Keys

mouse on the keys is a trio instrumental band. Based in Tokyo, the group consists of its former members, "Nine Days Wonder" (a leading band on the Japanese post-rock scene) Akira Kawasaki (drum, keyboards) and Atsushi Kiyota (piano, keyboards), along with Daisuke Niitome (piano, keyboards).

The unique sound of the band's drums, two pianos, and two keyboards combines the sense of urgency from rock, hard core and heavy metal with tastes of early/contemporary classical, jazz and various dance music.

At their concerts, the band projects a variety of images chosen to match their sound ―views of Tokyo, geometric symbols, 3D objects, and abstractions. Residents of Tokyo, the members of Mouse on the Keys represent the haunting restlessness of their home city at their live appearances. They would transform even a venue in Germany or France into a kind of virtual Tokyo.

Montalban Quintet

The Montalban Quintet is a collective of musicians that have infused interests from various musical barrios including post-punk, minimalism, jazz, 50's schmaltz and field recordings, and new western art music. We reside in San Diego and have birthed all of the recordings/collaborations at a small recording facility in Encinitas, CA known lovingly as the Belly of the Whale.

The present line up of collaborators: Chris Prescott (drums and electronics), Carl Prescott (brass), Kenseth Thibideau (bass), Jim Weiss (saxophones), Greg Friedman (guitar), Marjorie Prescott (cello), Nathan Hubbard (vibraphone), Hermelindo Montalban (percussion)

Our past and/or simultaneous present musical endeavors include: Pinback, Sleeping People, The Jade Shader, The Mattson 2, Smokestaxx, No Knife, Big Time Operator, Systems Officer, Tanner and more.

The debut Montalban Quintet self-titled CD is released by Belly of the Whale on July 22, 2011.



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