Pearl Charles

Pearl Charles

Los Angeles native Pearl Charles’ smoky, psych-folk footprint treads somewhere between a gentler, silky Jefferson Airplane and more fiery sides of Joni Mitchell. Her debut EP was recorded with the help of a crew of local producers who’ve aided similarly roiling records from Rooney, Cherry Glazerr, and La Sera. That release’s first single “You Can Change” was a soulful pop track where Charles commands and deplores (“you can change what you want, but I just can’t change your mind) with feisty harmonic woos. But the simmering “I Ran So Far,” debuting here, pairs rootsier lyrics (“I run to the river/But the river run dry”) with a western twang and grave, moaning guitars.

Although only in her early twenties, Pearl Charles already has a strong résumé. She’s earned a BFA in music from CalArts and in her free time has toured with the Growlers, Father John Misty, and Thee Oh Sees aside from working on her own projects, the Driftwood Singers and the Blank Tapes. Her next tour will be a small venture around California. Listen to “I Ran So Far” and take a look at her tour dates below. Pearl Charles is out on July 28 via Burger Records. - Spin

Tim Hill (Allah-Las)

Although adept keyboardist Tim Hill is most known for being a touring member of Allah-Las,his upcoming 7” on newly founded Calico Discos label finds him quite comfortable behind theacoustic guitar (and 4-track recorder)...The A side of his first 7", ‘Paris, Texas’ (inspired by the film of the same name and writtenaround the time of Harry Dean Stanton's death), is steeped in the American folk tradition ofDylan and the Band, but manages to sound both fresh and from another time. Beginning with amoody harmonica line over a steady, plodding groove, Tim croons the line “Hey hey, hey you,you there with the blank stare, where’d you go I need to know" sincerely delivering a message ofa lost soul longing. The pensive vibe of the track perfectly captures the quiet desolation andbeauty of its namesake film.The B side is a cover of Warren Zevon’s 'Steady Rain', chosen because Hill “just wanted to playthat guitar part over and over.” Tim’s version begins with a bit of backwards guitar and piano,before kicking into a mellow mid-tempo shuffle with the soul of the original still very muchintact.Both songs were recorded by Tim Hill at home on a Tascam 246 cassette four track recorder,backing himself on every instrument. These two tracks are just the tip of the iceberg for Hill-he’s collected enough material for a full length record, planned for later this year. Look for TimHill’s debut single ‘Paris, Texas’ b/w ’Steady Rain’, coming soon on Calico Discos records.

Parting Lines

Southern California duo Parting Lines is the new project of Tim Ramsey and Trevor Beld Jimenez, longtime members of the bygone Los Angeles folk-rock outfit, Tall Tales and the Silver Lining, and sidemen to bands Vetiver, Little Wings, and DIOS.

After the abrupt ending of Tall Tales and feeling liberated by the possibilities of new horizons, Ramsey and Beld Jimenez made a pact to finally make the music they always wanted to hear. At the encouragement of friend and producer Thom Monahan, who having heard their demos suggested the two were onto something special, Ramsey and Beld Jimenez set off on a year-plus journey, recording from the summer of 2016 to the fall of 2017. What began as two friends getting together to work on songs soon turned into a full-length album, resulting in Night Bloom Records’ August 24th, 2018 release of the duo’s debut LP, See You On The Other Side.

Written by Beld Jimenez and recorded and produced by Ramsey in his basement studio on a hill overlooking the Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park, See You On The Other Side is an existential pop record dealing with everything from feeling displaced in the consumer culture (the hypnotic loop of "Caught On the Outside"), true love (the tender musings of "Under Your Spell"), confronting a childhood trauma (the anthemic "Black Tint Sunset”) and turning to love in the face of the end of the world (“Climb”).

Though nods to Petty and Springsteen can be heard, there are also more oblique influences including the guitar stylings of Lindsey Buckingham.

With See You On The Other Side, Beld Jimenez and Ramsey don’t try to reinvent the rock n' roll wheel, but rather remind the listener of the power of strong melodies, a shared language, and a few simple chords.

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