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Master Tapes

Hailing from two continents and three different states, The Master Tapes is a raw mix of jazz, rock, funk and blues. The band’s style is almost as diverse as their last names. Kate Schneider of Alexandria, Virginia on the mic; Max Azarmehr of Austin, Texas on drums; Avi Pavlovich of Tel Aviv, Israel on guitar; and the one and only Max Bartges, NYC native, on bass. Stay on your toes.

Murzik started out in 2003 when Bryan Steenerson recorded a solo album under the name Murzik, a reference to a common Russian name for cats. The album contained dark lyrics, minor keys and various instruments such as accordions, glockenspeils, mandolin, and others. Upon hearing the album, long time friend and accordionist Nathan Simar, was grabbed by the music, and thus Murzik was born.
Murzik has been featured on NPR's radio show All Things Considered, has performed with bands such as the famous Mumiy Troll based in Moscow, has toured both east and west coasts in addition to regular shows in the midwest around their home base of Minneapolis, and has been a featured artist at SXSW. Murzik continues to tour and record, with four albums out to date.

Tim Atlas

San Jose, California artist influenced by Feist, Hall & Oates, and Phoenix.


With her exciting multi-cultural background, Nigerian-American singer Janeliasoul, set out to charm listeners with her unique melodies. Growing up in Nigeria she learned the local dialects and enjoys singing in English and Yoruba. Her band, is the only female-fronted world music band based in Baltimore, MD U.S.A. The band fuses traditional Nigerian rhythms with contemporary sounds like soul and Jazz and is influenced by world music artists Angelique Kidjo and Fela Kuti.

Her upcoming debut EP titled ‘Self-Affirmation Project’ will be released on July 13, 2018 and will feature 6 singles with affirmations all beginning with the words “I Am”. For instance, “I Am Bold” which is the first single from the album. According to Janeliasoul, the inspiration for the album derives from using positive thinking and self-affirmations to get away from negative self-talk. Self-affirmations are usually chanted repeatedly. In the same light, the repetitive lyrics in "I Am Bold" are deliberate as Janeliasoul intends to introduce a new concept by making a series of self-affirmations musical. The album is recorded with all live musical instruments.


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