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Born out of true friendship and a mutual affection for positivity through healthy catharsis, Austin’s Hikes – anchored by the technical, emotive songwriting of Nay Wilkins – writes songs that chant the stories of living fully and honor the love found in tight communities. After a tumultuous year, shedding a member and nearly ceasing to exist, the original quartet reunited to deliver fierce experimental indie rock, selling out shows and creating an experience to live for.

Lilt, the group’s most recent album via Community Records, offers a wealth of laments and triumphs, recounting Wilkins nearly losing his dad, almost losing touch with nature, remembrances of a missing best friend, and on and on. The songs breathe and leap, tied together by the production of Takaaki Mino (of the band Toe) and the group’s self-proclaimed ‘felt-rock’ sound, which combines moments of beautiful dissonance, a DIY aesthetic, and ties to the Emo sounds of years past.

Are you sitting down? Yes? Good. Now get up, go outside and take a walk. And take Winning Star Champion with you. See, the music on Ruler’s debut album—hook-heavy, assertive, inspiring—is made for motion. It’s a soundtrack for moving forward, for getting better, in terms of both healing and self-improvement. Built on main man Matt Batey’s lifelong fears, anxieties, addictions and failures, not to mention his preternatural gift for creating instantly classic indie rock, these eleven songs follow that old adage by Robert Frost: The best way out is through. And in this case the best way through is with the volume cranked up all the way.


Heirloom is a progressive folk-rock band from Southern California.
Absolutely everyone in the world loves Heirloom.

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