CT-X (Captured Tracks 10 Anniversary Tour), Lina Tullgren, Wax Chattles, Drahla

CT-X (Captured Tracks 10 Anniversary Tour)

When our 10-year anniversary was announced we received a lot of offers and ideas from promoters about how to celebrate. Ideas like a big festival in Brooklyn (like we did five years ago for CT5) and even a series of international festivals were bandied about. We wanted to do something more vibrant and more alive, something that had more of a focused view on what we're doing right now and where we're heading in the future. For CTX, we wanted to create an opportunity for people to see something new, so that maybe they can say one day, “I was there 10 years ago!” Without further ado, here’s our lineup for the CTX tour.


Lina Tullgren (NYC via Maine): A truly compelling — and at times even intimidating — performer, Tullgren learned music playing Swedish folk on the fiddle as a child but has morphed into something completely different and unique. While she fits the singer / songwriter mold, her music is much more intense and weighty than what people think of as the traditional singer/ songwriter — replacing the airiness of, say, Joni Mitchell with the power and force of Dirty Three. She's already light years more mature than her years as a performer, both live and in the studio. That two-threat attack is evident on her first album Won and on stage where her presence commands your attention.


Wax Chattels (Auckland, New Zealand): Wax Chattels are a band you absolutely need to see live. When I saw them play in Auckland for the first time I was completely blown away. The minimalist precision, sheer volume and sonic power was something I'd rarely seen in a live band. As Matt Kosloff from Pissed Jeans said on his site Yellowgreenred, "[Wax Chattels are] just absolutely pummeling and unfathomably tight, with inventive songs, memorable hooks and a cool manic intensity, each member committed to playing their instrument faster than legal limits… I worry what my life will be like if I don’t get to witness them live again soon – I’m still recovering."


Drahla (Leeds, UK): It's rare for a band to have a clear aesthetic and sense of purpose right from the get-go, but Drahla has nailed it right off the bat. Luciel Brown’s spoken drawl is both mesmerizing and unnerving. The result of these vocals combined with the steady unrelenting wall of sound from Rob Riggs on bass, and Mike Ainsley on drums, is truly magnetic. The Captured Tracks team and everyone who attends the CTX shows will be seeing them for the first time, which I think is so great. And judging from the crowd reactions I’ve seen on video and the strength of their music, I can guarantee it won't be our last time seeing them.


It may be a bit wild to send these particular artists out into the vast North American landscape with hope that fans of Captured Tracks will go to the shows to find out more about what we're doing, but that's always been the culture and vision of the label. We're always trying new things, signing relatively (or completely) unknown artists because we’re passionate about their music and want to be a part of their success. If you're in a band and want to be on the label: GO SEE THIS TOUR. You’ll get a sense of the type of artists we're looking for, be able to pick up some of the unique and exclusive merch that we're making for it, and I also guarantee that you’ll enjoy the show. Oh, and we’re adding a "Demo Drop Box" to the merch table — if you leave a card with a Bandcamp or SoundCloud link, we'll listen to it. Who knows, maybe you'll be touring CT15…

See you at the show!

Lina Tullgren

Lina Tullgren is from Southern Maine just over the border of the northernmost seacoast of New Hampshire. It’s an unexpected location for artistic incubation, but if you grow up anywhere surrounded by family and friends and weirdos interacting at all times with their own interpretations of creative output, osmosis is bound to occur. Shifting in trainings and traditions, the 23 year old eventually found herself a voice with the electric guitar, uniquely flavored and shaped from the many years of fiddle lessons and classical technique. The shifts in genre and in instrumentation are stark, but important. Lina’s morphing interaction with music has mirrored a growing determination to harness her ability to melodically and lyrically express complex emotions.

With 2016’s Wishlist EP – recorded to tape at the apartment of band mate Ty Ueda – Lina proved an ability to craft simple, introspective and succinct songs, each one a pulsing glow leaving you both hollow and whole, alone but never lonely. It is on Lina’s debut album Won that we reap the full rewards of this newfound confidence in expression and rejection of internal hesitation. “The writing doesn’t necessarily get easier, but I feel more comfortable tapping into emotions and going to those places that need to be written about. Won, as it turned out, is the product that I have been hearing and picturing in my head as I write and listen to music.” It is the product of what happens when you push past the fear of what it means to think out loud – to become accountable for your internal struggles by way of manifesting your ideas into songs that are then free to grow apart from you, to exist on their own while always remaining specifically implicative of you. Now backed by a full band, each track manages to remain piercingly intimate, sometimes brief, and always honest, while gaining a wholly new sense of gestation both sonically and lyrically.

“I am all the wiser now that I accept my fate”.

It’s clear throughout that Lina’s awareness of her internal shift is folded into every corner of these songs. The move towards working with a full band, the deliberate force with which her often quaveringly raw vocals are delivered, and the lyrics themselves are all constantly functioning to process and take stock of an updated self. Which is not to say this is an album of concise reflections or black-and-white conclusions. The darkly punctuated “Summer Sleeper” rolls in with one of the more concrete claims Lina presents us with. "On letting go: it's only as good as you want it to be, only as bad as you make it." This is an album insistent on the consideration of perspective above all else.

The album art, a reference to the historical practice of photographing ectoplasm expulsion, acts as a visual representation of the internal changes and newly gained perspectives precipitated by the writing and recording of this debut album. “Writing this record was a lot of looking inward at myself with close eyes. Figuring out what I had to get rid of and what I had to keep. I like the idea of an ectoplasm being something you’re expelling. That you’re getting rid of because it shouldn’t be inside you anymore.”

And at a certain point, growth is not just a process of replacing old selves with new, but often simply an act of expansion. Won in many ways continues to dig through Lina’s preoccupation with the search for home. It’s a deceptively loaded search sewn gracefully into the haunting and sparse track “Face Off." Whatever "home" means - a relationship, a physical space, a mentality, or an emotion - that’s up to the listener. As Lina puts it, “It’s a record for me, but it’s also for everyone else. I don’t claim to be totally emotionally stable, or smart in relationships, or always very conscientious of others, but this record is me reaching out and trying and maybe sometimes I lose but sometimes I win.”

Wax Chattles

Auckland, New Zealand's Wax Chattels do not have a guitar player, though you wouldn't know it based on their overwhelming sound and energy. Far from conventional, they create an atmosphere akin to a traditional loud power trio — using a keyboard, bass and 2-piece drum kit to create darkly hypnotic, frenetic music that's simultaneously sinister and rhythmically complex. The band's first single, "Stay Disappointed," recalls that other side of Kiwi underground rock history, the one that's a bit less sunny and a bit less jangly.

Now co-signed to both Brooklyn's Captured Tracks and New Zealand's Flying Nun on the 5th anniversary of their label partnership, Wax Chattels is a new act from a small, yet constantly groundbreaking nation that demands your attention.


Blending wiry, dark post-punk with unpredictable art-rock, Drahla have established themselves as a formidable and distinctive band across their two sold out 7” singles and the 2017 Third Article EP. Formed in late 2015, Drahla quickly found their identity in Yorkshire’s fertile music scene with their minimal yet robust bass-heavy sound. Their reputation as a fervent live act is ever-growing, with the band being asked to share stages with the likes of Parquet Courts, METZ, Ought, Buzzcocks, Hookworms, The Cribs and more.

Their Third Article EP, produced by Hookworms’ MJ, was released at the end of 2017 on the band’s own Blank Ad label followed by their first European tour supporting Metz. Third Article finds the band at their most captivating, with track ‘Silk Spirit’ exhibiting Luciel’s mesmerizing spoken drawl, paired with the steady unrelenting wall of sound from Rob Riggs on bass, and Mike Ainsley on drums.

After watching the band’s self-made video for ‘Silk Spirit’, Mike Sniper, founder of Brooklyn independent label Captured Tracks, was immediately hooked. The band signed to Captured Tracks shortly after.

Now, having just completed a tour supporting Ought, the band are releasing their commanding new 7-inch single Twelve Divisions of the Day, featuring a B-side remix that strikes with as much fervor as the original but leaves a different bite mark. As they commence a slew of May and June shows, including an invitation to play Robert Smith’s Meltdown Festival, the band are poised to take their mark as one of the most visceral and exciting new bands on the scene.

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