Flynt Flossy And Turquoise Jeep

Flynt Flossy And Turquoise Jeep

Turquoise Jeep Records is an independent record label founded by Flynt Flossy and Whatchyamcallit. It is best known for its YouTube videos including "Lemme Smang It" (by Yung Humma featuring Flynt Flossy) and "Did I Mention I Like to Dance." Currently, the label has two albums, titled Keep the Jeep Riding and Existing Musical Beings, as well as four singles. The label is also working on a clothing line and instructional dance DVD called Flow with the Flossy"

Flynt Flossy and Whatchyamacallit founded Turquoise Jeep Records and released the label's first song "Stretchy Pants" as a YouTube video on March 15, 2009. The label continued to make music videos and release them to YouTube, signing new artists and got widespread attention.

Turqouise Jeep toured repeatedly throughout 2011 - 2013, and continued to release new material. Flynt Flossy and Yung Humma also appeared on the track "Fuck Your Blog" by Childish Gambino. In 2013, the group released a freestyle collaboration with Humma, Flossy, and Whatchyamacallit. On December 23, 2013, the group released their second album, Existing Musical Beings.

Rising rapper Newman returns triumphantly with a stellar new project in the form of From: Elmina. It’s a well-rounded offering on which he glides across a slew of fiery production, showcasing his potent style of rapping along with his oozing personality and flair as an artist. He had this to say about the project:

“Elminá is a slave castle on the coast of Ghana, where my family is from. My last trip was in the summer of 2016. I had a lot going on personally and a lot of music recorded up to that point, but at the time I hit a wall. I had been to Elmina a couple of years before that last visit, but going back at that time resonated with me and was a point of inspiration.

I originally titled it “Postcards From Elmina”, because I wanted to frame it as a letter, or each song as its own story. The acts came with the contrast in sounds between the two. The first part was a lot of the main concepts and initial feelings from that visit. A lot of the second came from when I went to Italy. I was thinking a lot about the idea of freedom, different ways that might look and feel.”

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