A singer/songwriter who's sound is influenced by pop and soul. A direct songwriter and powerful singer creates an immediate response to the listener.

Laryssa Birdseye

Self-described as a folk singer that accidentally began to write pop music, Laryssa uses humor and honesty to enchant her audience. Having struggled with addiction and an eating disorder, Laryssa’s songs reflect the turmoil of heartbreak, dependency, regret, and the persistent strive towards healing, making her originals relatable and her hooks infectious. Her soaring vocals are filled with flawless riffs and soulful melodies. Best known for her biting wit and clever lyricism, Laryssa stands out best as a songwriter, offering tremendously relatable content—often serving to inspire, often breaking your heart open as she spills hers.

The Brooders

The Brooders are a Northwest Alt-Americana band playing original music. Based out of Seattle, WA - they play music relevant to important Northwest themes such as falling in love with the barista, living in an RV, getting laid (off), and the virtues of Lumbersexuality. Critically acclaimed as “Not just another Wilco retread” - these guys entertain with fun catchy songs and audience-inclusive banter. Find them playing live, at a suspect venue near you.

Jay won best runner-up "Junior Bowler" when 10 years old. Matt got third place one time in a Math competition in high school.

Nathaniel Labat of SCOUT featuring JAMISON

Scout is an Amaricana band formed in Seattle, WA. Their music combines the rich tradition of country and folk music with the more modern, ambient sounds of post rock.

Nathan Labat, the principle songwriter, uses Americana imagery to communicate his person.

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