Tatiana Hazel

Remezcla put it best when they crowned Tatiana Hazel, “Chicago’s Future Hometown Heroine.” She is the multidisciplinary, underground, do-it-all Diva Chicago never knew it needed. Her best songs drip with the confidence and swagger of a performer with twice the experience, but they never for a moment feel inauthentic. If starpower was convertible to horese power Hazel would be a Dodge Challenger Demon, revving it’s engines, waiting to engage the clutch and shoot to the head of the pack.
2018’s Brittney referencing Toxic EP showcase the full range of Hazel’s artistic abilities. She moves fluidly across languages and sounds, from the house-inflected pop of “Can’t Help” to the moody R&B vibe of “Love Rut,” linking them all with her beautiful voice that sounds as comfortable in snappy verses as it does in soaring choruses. On “Imma Be” a standout track from 2018’s Britney referencing Toxic, Hazel sings about living uninhibited and unconcerned with minor setbacks like job security because she is certain of her future success. In less talented hands this confidence may come across as inflated arrogance, but when the chorus hits and Hazel repeats “I know that I’m meant for bigger better things/I know what I’m going to be,” there is no doubt that she is telling the truth. It is not a flex, it is a mission statement; Hazel knows her potential, she is just waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

Divino Nino

Divino Niño is a musical group formed in Chicago, Illinois in 2012. The band consists of Camilo Medina (vox/guitar/percussion), Javier Forero (vox/bass), and Guillermo Rodriguez(vox/guitars). They are known for their psychedelic sound, drum loops, harmonies, world percussion, and Latin American roots. Camilo and Javier met in Bogota, Colombia when they were very young, reunited in Miami, Florida in 2003, and have been playing music ever since. Before meeting Guillermo Rodriguez, Camilo and Javier were active members of the cult Misión Carismática Internacional, which has influenced their music in various ways. Guillermo does not formally own any of the equipment used on stage. The group is bonded together by their stature, naiveté and their unshakeable belief that a song should move your soul or your hips.

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