Iman Huschmand

As founder and CEO of Exclusively Entertainment, Iman has had the privilege of hosting and/or producing more than 1000 of the most memorable events and lavish weddings around the globe since 1997.

In addition to the close to 400 annual private events and weddings, EE produces several public events throughout the year, with the Alabina concert being the latest and hopefully…the greatest to date.

DJ Ace

Saman, better known as DJ Ace, was exposed to music from a very young age and it has played a huge part in his life. “I’ve spent every waking moment of my life with music” he says. “Wake up with music…work with music…party with music… relax with music and at the end of the day, sleep with music, ” he muses.

DJ Ace’s musical interest expands to all genres of music, including hip-hop, Top-40, international and much more. He has a versatile resume under his belt, having done events at the most popular clubs in DC, as well as more than 250 private parties and weddings.

DJ Kia

Dating back to 2003, DJ Kia, has become a mainstay in the nightlife of the Washington DC metro area. Since the age of 17, Kia has taken it upon himself to create a sound with a different edge. His creativity creates an intense yet unique atmosphere. His range is truly undefined, as there is no one real genre he is categorized under.
His style is best described in his own words as “house, synth, hip hop, with some pop, electro, and some international flavor all mixed into one. It’s a sound that you just can’t help but to move when you hear it.”
Specializing in both public & private events, Kia has also gained popularity in the early 2000’s by performing at Washington D.C.’s finest night spots including Lima Lounge, Ultrabar, Rosebar, Fur & Eden Lounge just to name a few, not to mention the dozens of concerts with international musical artists all across the country. Kia makes it a top priority to always give back to the community. A graduate from George Mason University, he has done events at no charge for many student organizations across campus and continues to work with all different charity organizations and relief funds in efforts to raise awareness and relief.
DJ Kia has also performed on the same night as many world renowned DJs and international artists such as Deep Dish, Armin Van Buren, Filo & Peri, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz.
International Artists Include: Arash, Andy, Kamran & Hooman, Ebi, Pouya, Sepideh, Afshin, and Raghav. Not only being a DJ, Kia also is involved in politics and volunteering, producing music and acting/modeling; eventually hoping to break through in any/all of these categories.
From an academic standpoint, Kia graduated with a degree in Law in the Spring of 2013 and is currently a partner at his law offices of Kondori, Moorad & Niesen, L.L.P.

DJ Payam

Payam grew up listening to music at a very young age with an emphasis in international music. Payam came to the music scene at the age of 14, DJing and mixing for numerous family and friend events. He knew his passion was music and entertainment when he would skip hanging out with friends to DJ at events. This has led to Payam becoming one of the most requested DJs at Exclusively Entertainment.
On the other side of the spectrum, Payam spent 10 years (age 4-14) practicing and competing in Shotokan Karate. Through hard work and dedication, he earned the title of World Champion in 2009.
If Payam isn’t behind the booth DJing, he can be found on the dance floor and notorious for dance-offs. Payam’s mixing skills with all genres exemplify his passion and understanding of music.

DJ Pedram

Pedram began his journey through music in 2005, DJ-ing small events for friends, family, and charity. What started as a hobby rapidly burgeoned into a deeper love for music and a strong desire to learn the art form, behind spinning records. As he continued to hone his skills and grow his talent, Pedram soon found himself DJ-ing and hosting large events featuring hundreds to thousands of attendees along the east coast and his alma mater, University of Maryland.

Soon after his start, Pedram broke into Washington DC’s nightlife scene where his style of mixing an open format style dance set was warmly welcomed by crowds across the city. Pedram holds himself only to the highest quality of musical standards. “Mixing music and reading a crowd is an art,” Pedram says. “When you look at it like this, you begin to see what types of songs, genres, beats, lyrics, and rhythms make a crowd ‘tick.’ I try to make every set of music I play the best possible. The best feeling is seeing people leave an event I’m DJing with a smile on their faces, and I try to do that every time I play.

From an academic standpoint, Pedram received his MBA at Georgetown University in the Spring of 2014 and is currently a Digital Marketing manager at Amazon.

DJ Saam

After exploding onto the scene in July of 2007, DJ Saam quickly became one of Washington DC’s most consistent and reliable resident DJs.

His ability to be able to mix any genre and read the crowd makes DJ Saam one of the most versatile and most requested DJs in the area. Aside from his regular appearances at private and corporate events, DJ Saam has been an attraction at some of the most well-known venues such as Decades, Barcode, A-town, Rosebar, Opera, The Gryphon, Heist, Soundcheck, Echostage, Ultrabar, Lost Society, Provision and more.

DJ Saam’s energy, charisma, and love for music are what make his sets unique and popular. He has also been actively dedicated to helping the community in which he lives in and has supported his growth and popularity as a DJ. Even after his graduation from the University of Maryland, DJ Saam continues to give back to his alma mater, by lending his talents to many of the campus’s organizations and fundraisers.

DJ Shahab

Shahab, known as ” DJ Shahab”, is a Persian DJ who started his DJ’ing career in Iran. Shahab describes himself as a DJ who is never afraid to go too deep, and his emotive musical selections are his own therapy. He loves performing at all types of venues and size crowds. His love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes.
In the early days, Shahab thought it was wise to have a backup plan, and so he studied for a computer degree. Shahab has performed at some of the biggest fashion shows and events. His confident appearance is matched by his masterful control of a good mixing desk.

DJ Telo

Naeem, better known as DJ Telo, was born in Tehran, Iran in 1983. From a very young age, DJ Telo enjoyed beats and melodies. At age 13 he began playing guitar and is a fan of pop music and is also a singer. When it comes to Persian and International music, he’ll take you all over the world with his music and seamless transitions.

His younger brother Nima (aka DJ Nelo) is also a part of the Exclusively Entertainment family and they often performed together.



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