Altered Thurzdaze w/ Dirt Monkey & Subdocta

Dirt Monkey

A musical innovator and aficionado of bass, Dirt Monkey has fostered a well-deserved reputation for his unique ability to infuse a pure and unadulterated sense of funkiness into even the filthiest of beats. A veteran producer and DJ who has earned the respect and admiration of his peers, as well as the adoration of his fans, Dirt Monkey excels in the studio, and is truly in his element behind the decks. Possessing a vast knowledge of music production and an uncanny ability to harness exactly the sound that people want to hear most, it's no surprise at all that Dirt Monkey's style is as dynamic and evolving as the state of electronic dance music. Expanding his reach far beyond himself, Dirt Monkey launched his music label Kairos Audio with fellow bass connoisseur, Jantsen; together they continue to educate and augment the future of many. Keep your eyes and ears open, and expect the unexpected from this incredibly diverse and multi-talented musician.

Indigo Child

Indigo Child taps into the deeper darker parts of your soul. beats that vibrate your ribcage and send electrical currents through your body. every show is 100% raw talent and intimate with the audience. Indigo Child (Rob) wants to provide a connection between him and the audience to help people capture the side of themselves they dont normally see in themselves. This is the darker side of spirituality!

$10.00 - $12.00

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