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American post-hardcore band from Queens, New York.

Pilot to Gunner

-| Commenced activities May 1998, New York City.
-| Released Hit the Ground and Hum EP on San Francisco upstart Metoo! Records (Eric's Trip) in early 1999. Produced by Geoff Turner at WGNS in Washington, DC (Girls Against Boys, Shudder To Think, Jawbox).
-| Tours up and down Eastern Seaboard and Central states, including shows with Hot Water Music, The Dismemberment Plan, Cursive, Superdrag, Bright Eyes, Atom and His Package, Q and not U, Ann Beretta, Small Brown Bike, Engine Down, Ultimate Fakebook, Hot Rod Circuit, The Van Pelt, Radio 4, Lifter Puller, The Swirlies, The Rapture, and Atombombpocket-knife have endangered the existence of copies of the EP.
-| Released 7" early winter 2001 as debut release for SincAudio, the label founded by Scott Sinclair, whose paintings grace the covers of all Hot Water Music releases. Features two tracks from 1999 session at Rare Book Room (Les Savy Fav, The Lapse) with Turner and Nick Vernhes.
-| Games at High Speeds, recorded at Fort Apache (Pixies, Billy Bragg, Buffalo Tom] with Brian Brown (Juliana Hatfield) released on Gern Blandsten Records (The Van Pelt, Chisel, Garden Variety, Radio 4) . Completed two tours (Eastern US , South, Central, Canada) in Summer 2001. Van stolen September 2001. Toured Eastern Seaboard, South late November/Early December 2001. Played over 100 shows in 2001.
-| Games at High Speeds ups the ante on its predecessors in every way, at once making good on and blowing apart comparisons to WIRE, MISSION OF BURMA, POLVO, BLUETIP, NATION OF ULYSSES, and JAWBOX.
-| Building Records is proud to release Games at High Speeds with a bonus track in Australia, with an accompanying tour to take place in September 2002.

-| Pilot to Gunner is: Scott V. Padden- Vocals, Guitar, Patrick Hegarty- Guitar, Vocals, Kurt L.
Herrmann- Drum Kit, Martin McLoughlin- Bass Guitar

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