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Retro Spectro

Retro Spectro is quickly becoming one of the most familiar young faces on Twitter and YouTube. Part of a comedy collective known as the “Lean Squad,” along with friends Bernard Clark and Casey Lawrence. The Maryland native has amassed a huge online following over the last few years. He currently has over 260,000 followers on Twitter and has gained further notoriety as a recurring character on the hit FX series "Atlanta".

Rahmel Dockery

Rahmel Dockery is one of the most electrifying football players to emerge from the state of Washington.

Starring at Curtis High School and eventually playing stints at both Washington State University and Oregon State University, Rahmel has made with broadest impact on YouTube. With an army of nearly 250K subscribers, Rahmel's acrobratic catches and intense workouts have been featured on ESPN's flagship show Sportscenter.

As Seattle artists continue to attempt to break into the national scene, few are better positioned to make the leap than vocalist MistaDC. The 22-year-old is the consummate embodiment of an artist, using his raspy voice to transform love, loss and his personal tribulations into enthralling melodies. Each track in his catalogue displays his inherent ability to craft relatable music by fusing his favorite sounds from childhood – be it Jazz, Soul or Pop Punk – with contemporary production and sensibilities.

Despite his youth, MistaDC wields immense talent that, when combined with his innate sensuality, has inspired comparisons to many contemporary Soul favorites including D’Angelo and Maxwell.

Be sure to stay tuned for more funk, more soul and more unfettered emotions, as the vocalist brings his evergreen love story to the world.

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