Revolution Circus

Revolution Circus Show - Bands, Burlesque & Circus Sideshow!
Hosted By Mercury Mad
Sideshows by: Bel Ruby Belly Dance, & Vibe Tribe Hoops. Burlesque By Panties Inferno
Mercury Mad (Glam Rock) (KC/Lawrence)
Apocalypse Theatre (Pirate Rock Minneapolis MN)
Illusions Fate (Chicago Metal)
Raymond Breed (Roadhouse Rock)

Theatre of The Apocalypse or Neo Apocalyptic Renaissance Tribe- (The above phrase is meant as entertainment because the world more than likely isn't ending anytime soon. Life is short however and we should do our best to help each other complete our Artistic dreams, to their ends and ours :)

Touring Performers & Musicians Mercury Mad & Apocalypse are a touring Gypsy Art Tribe (Revolution Circus).

The Revolution Circus is comprised of any and all presentable Art forms & skills that may enhance the current mundane cultural norm beyond that of snacky cakes & sitcoms. It is our firm belief that the world is in need of Artists to recolor and and reshape it.

This is a "Performers & Artists Tribe"
FIGHT THE MUNDANE: This traveling event shall change as the involvement of the artists change. In other words the bands can change from tour to tour as well as the artists and other performers who are available at the time of the events and tours. Likewise it holds down no complete permanent industry style ... we want to keep this DIY, independent, and flexible for the sake of Artistic growth & creativity. Plus it keeps it from being the same show every time.

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Stripe Stripe Fiasco

Introducing skitzRock, the new genre defying and defining music from The Stripe Stripe Fiasco. Inspired by the anything goes rock and roll attitude of The Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol, their music blends psychedelic guitar riffs with their signature Hard Rock/Metal sound. Each song they create crosses genres and exhibits an innovative style that isn’t easily categorized. This artistic freedom allows them to craft their music based upon immediate notion and feelings, the most pervasive being the many colors of love. Hailing form the Denver Metro Area, The Stripe Stripe Fiasco is comprised of musicians Richard Schwering (Songwriter\Guitar\Vocals), Rachel King (Songwriter\Piano\Vocals), Bobby Barbeau (Bassist) and Joel Monroe (Drums). The band is coming off the release of their second E.P. “TSSF,” featuring the fan favorite songs “Castle In a Tree” and “Solid,” and is striving to cultivate it’s ever growing fan base.

The Dead Lotus Society

Fronted by femme metal vocalist, Hyatt, The Dead Lotus Society gives birth to some sort of cesspool with the verbiage of a Chuck Palahniuk novel. With a growing number of Hot Topic shows and expanding their performances across Colorado and Texas, you can expect to hear the mantra of these Lotus Eaters spread like a plague. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Oh, and we mean it when we say "Teddy Bear Massacre".

$4.00 - $10.00


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