Matthew Fountain & the Whereabouts Single Release, Sam Rae, Danny Delagato, Sharkk Heartt

Matthew Fountain & the Whereabouts

Born on the gulf coast of Mississippi into a family of Dixieland jazz musicians, it came as no surprise to many that Matthew Fountain made his way back to music after an extended absence. After picking up a guitar at age 9 and playing in metal bands through his early teens, Fountain spent his twenties instead focused on screenwriting before making the move out west in 2008 to reconnect with his musical roots and start a band in Portland, OR.

Matthew Fountain & The Whereabouts, featuring anywhere between three and eight of the singer’s friends as live accompaniment, have spent the past two years recording songs written by Fountain throughout the last decade, and Born On The Hook is the product of their labors.

Sam Rae

Performing on the cello for close to 17 years and composing for 6 years, Sam Rae captures the euphoria of music exploring sounds as a way to interact and react in the moment. She creates a unique language of sound with layers of eccentric folk/electric guitar combined with intricately looped cello, and a soul-filled voice.

Rae graduated with a degree in Cello Performance from the University of Iowa, School of Music. Sam Rae represents proud midwestern blood as she ventures around the US with her cello, guitar and voice. Her musical explorations have lead her on many cross country tours to as far as Valparaíso and Santiago, Chile where she studied, performed and taught music. She has most recently toured and performed with Brandi Carlile, Gregory Alan Isakov and the Posies. Her passions are rooted in alternative forms of collaboration and communication as she explores music as a universal language.

Danny Delegato

Danny Delegato is a singer-songwriter native to Portland, Oregon. U.S.A. He is currently 29 years of age.
He is the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and founder of garage-pop band The Hugs. Attending and graduating from Cleveland High School in 2007.
"The Lovechild of Noel Fielding and one of the Monkees"

Sharkk Heartt

Lara Ruggles grew up listening to Patsy Cline, Emmylou Harris, Cat Stevens, Joan Baez, and the Judds. She sang her first concert in three-part harmony and won her first poetry slam. With the attention to lyricism of Conor Oberst, the intensity of Florence and the Machine and the ear for infectious melodies of Ingrid Michaelson, Lara’s piano and guitar-driven melodies invite the listener on a journey through soaring hooks, battle scenes and postcards written from well-loved and desolate desert landscapes. Her music is unafraid to acknowledge the dark places within the range of the human emotional experience, and she engages with her audiences in an unabashedly genuine way, telling raw stories and allowing her own vulnerability to be a point of connection and empowerment. In 2011, Lara released Out of an Eggshell, an EP. In 2013 she ran a successful kickstarter campaign, raising almost $9000 for her debut full-length album. In the last year, Lara’s played at South by Southwest; toured the Southeast, the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, and the West Coast; overcome theft; been featured on billboards, buses and spotify ads for Lyft; supported Nina Storey, Ben Ottewell of Gomez, and Seryn; won the Colorado Creative Industries Career Advancement Award; been nominated for the 2015 Denver Westword Music Awards; and started the Give:Voice Project, giving 10% of her on-tour sales to organizations that empower youth through the arts. Lara will release her debut full-length album, Cynics & Saints, on Immersive Records in 2015.



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