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Toothbone is a 3-piece band hailing from Portland, OR. They bring together an array of music from different genres creating a sound completely their own. Toothbone brings an energy to live shows not to be missed. All members have a background in improvisation which helps the band experiment and grow. Each new show has elements that previous did not, a constant supply of new material, and new ideas. No two Toothbone shows are the same!

Toothbone released a self titled full length album on February 7th, 2018, recorded in Portland, OR.


Recently selected as Portland Oregon’s 2015 Best Emerging Alt Rock Band by The Deli Magazine, LiquidLight has momentum and they aren’t stopping any time soon. Their recently released first full length album, Uninitiated, showcases a band with tremendous potential as a pop-rock
powerhouse. Referencing post-punk and alternative bands such as Husker Du and The Replacements, LiquidLight has been described as “melodic, thoughtful and jingle-jangly as well as shred-crazy and

In an age where popular culture pushes to “out-extreme” the latest and greatest, LiquidLight pursues balance and clarity with respect to great rock tradition. With a high standard of execution, strong melodies and elements of psychedelic and alternative influences, the music conveys a new, yet referential optimism. “LiquidLight has managed to produce an album that is not quite like anything else hitting your
eardrums lately” - Eleven Magazine

Songwriters Anthony Medici and Cory West, both Berklee College of Music alums, honed their craft while performing with bands in Boston and along the East Coast. They are each highly accomplished multi-instrumentalists backed by an explosive and versatile rhythm section. Medici's lead vocals lend a cryptic yet powerful element to the sound and structure of the band, echoing the melodic sensibilities of the college/alternative era.


SCHWAGGERS is a hard-rock fusion duo formed in 2017 in Los Angeles by brothers-in-law Christophe Filippi (vocals, guitars) & Kirk Kalbfleisch (drums, sampling); the name is derived from the German word for brother-in-law. Christophe is a French-born composer and music producer whose solo work combines traditional and modern sounds in music crossing over from classical to alternative. Kirk is a jazz-trained, versatile drummer who records and tours with artists such as Coco Columbia, World's Finest, and Toothbone. Schwaggers' music is a hard-rock base spiked with elements of the duo's eclectic influences, which range across metal, jazz, funk, and even Corsican music. In an industry where image is everything, Schwaggers are all about being taken very seriously, which they tell the world through their very serious band photos and very serious music videos.



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