The Bowery Burlesque Pageant

The Bowery Burlesque Pageant


Ginger Twist

Whether I’m dressing to impress or impressing while undressing, I’m all about giving you a little something… a little peep… a little show of sorts into the dramatic, daring and seductive world of Ginger Twist! Since my debut just over two years ago in a fundraiser for Beyond Bandits Theatre Co. entitled "An Evening with Ginger Twist and Friends" I have had the privilege of performing throughout NY and also in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California and Texas with some of the greatest names in the industry. I believe that life should be about indulging in everything that brings us happiness. I derive great joy from sharing what I do and hope that you will too!

Tiny D

After taking a goddess burlesque workshop with Howling Vic she was hooked. Performing burlesque now for roughly two years she has performed all over NYC including: Kitty Nights, Shaken & Stirred, Beatles Burlesque, The 2010 & 2011 NY Burlesque Festival, Brick City Burlesque, and is now a regular performer at The Luvely Rae's One Night Stand. You can follow her on tumblr: and on Facebook:

Sincerely Yours

Rising newcomer and 2010 graduate of The New York School of Burlesque, Sincerely Yours incorporates fan dance and jazz movement into visually stunning classical burlesque and cutting edge performance art. Her stage background includes five years of dance study and over twenty years performing classical music. The only known bassoonist in the burlesque scene, Sincerely has played in jazz bands throughout New York City at such venues as Manhattan's Rodeo Bar and Coney Island's Side Shows by the Seashore. Presently she works at the Slipper Room and is associate producer on an upcoming feature film based on the aforementioned infamous night club. Career highlights include recent pictorials and mention in The New Yorker as well as Time Out New York magazine and a television appearance on the news program 20/20. In addition to performing burlesque, Sincerely Yours holds a degree in Nutrition Science from Florida State University.

Mika Romantic

Mika Romantic studied burlesque at the New York School of Burlesque in spring 2012. Her love for burlesque came from her passion to create costumes and perform.
She is trained in many disciplines of dance and creates all costumes herself. Wanting to break away from the stereotype that is on burlesque, Mika hopes to convey
a strong sense of emotion to connect with her audience and bring some elegant charm. She is also the face for : House of Minerva, a business designed to
"Encourage Women and Children to Show Their True Colors."

Essence Revealed

The bubbling Brown Sugar of burlesque is one of the newest members of Brown Girls Burlesque. She has performed all over burlesqueville, NYC at Duane Park, The Slipper Room, Nurse Bettie, Kitty Nights, Hotel Chantelle, Abiola’s Kis & Tell live events, Dr. Choades Upstairs/ Downstairs, Hypergender Burlesque and many more. Essence is a dual degreed, former lap dance engineer from the upscale gentlmen’s club scene and a familiar face on the erotic poetry scnene including Sweet Spot by Sabrina Gilbert and Words of Seduction at Nuyorican Poet’s Café.

Poison Ivy,

Part goddess, part vampire, part hedonist, part femme fatale... Miss Poison Ivory is an up an coming Burlesque performer ready to make her mark. After studying at the New York School of Burlesque, she knew that her new interest had become her new life's passion. With a background in Jazz, Modern, Latin, and hip hop, Miss poison Ivory combines her exceptional musicality with sultry and sensual movements that always leave her audience wanting more. She has performed at Tammany Hall, Wasabassco Burlesque, Sharkbite Sideshow, Nurse Bettie, Park Side Lounge just to name a few.

Zoe Ziegfeld

Born of a midget and an elephant-riding showgirl, Zoe Ziegfeld has freakshow coursing through her veins. Trained in classical ballet since she could walk, Zoe has taken everything she learned about being elegant and graceful, and applies them to her more taboo performance choices. (Who said you can't be smutty and sophisticated at the same time?) Whether she looks like the super-sexy spacewoman of your dreams, a five-foot-tall box of chocolates, or just the purple-haired girl next door, she is always looking to cause a scene. Chances are good that you’ll want to get a closer look at this tantalizing terpsichorean - but be careful not to get too close…"

$10.00 - $40.00

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It’s a battle of the burlesque beauties in a night filled with glitter and gams. Burlesque performers with less than 3 years experience gather on stage to compete for the title Queen of the Bowery Burlesque. Burlesque performers will compete in the categories of classic and neoburlesque. The evening will be hosted by Go Go Harder (Penal Institution). Judges include The Luvely Rae (The Luvely Rae’s One Night Stand, Spice! an evening of variety), and JZ Bich (Hypergender Burlesque), Lo Hung (Geek Girls Burlesque), plus audience vote! The gloves come off starting at 7:30pm. The Bowery Burlesque Pageant is presented by Ciona Taylor Productions. Some of the contestants include: Sincerely Yours, Tiny D, Essence Revealed, Ginger Twist, Mika Romantic, Poison Ivy, Zoe Ziegfeld

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