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Slow Hollows

Slow Hollows is a four-piece from the San Fernando valley in Los Angles. It consists of Austin Anderson, Jackson Katz, Aaron Jassenoff and Daniel Fox. The band was started in 2013 by Anderson. Slow Hollows are currently finishing their new record, 'ACTORS'. In the past, Anderson has collaborated with Tyler the Creator on both 'Flower Boy' and 'Cherry Bomb' as well as Frank Ocean on 'Blonde' & 'Endless'.

Star Meets Sea

Star Meets Sea plays post-punk with a pop sensibility. Evoking such bands as The Cure and Talking Heads, Star Meets Sea melds angular riffs with sweet melodies and a driving beat to create hook-laden soundscapes that go from minimalist to lush and back again. Lead singer Amanda Navares lends her dynamic vocals and William Hall (The Turn-Ons) his stunning guitarwork to this home-grown Seattle five piece. Star Meets Sea released their self-titled album in January and has been gaining traction.

Tracking the debut album over a weekend with live instrumentation allowed little room for overthinking, and the strict timeline paid off; the album captures the DNA of a band best known for enchanting live performances. The album amplifies the naturally raw textures of their sound, latching on to the melodic, moody intent of bands like The Cure and Wire. Traversing Seattle from backrooms and dive bars to main stages and festivals, Star Meets Sea will be touring in support of their new release in spring of 2018.

Animals In The Attic

Animals in the Attic pair a laid-back psychedelic sound with catchy hooks and traditional song structures to create an infectious feeling of tranquility in an otherwise anxious world. Their concise, relatable songs make for bite sized aural treats perfect for anyone who loves love.

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