Kabul Dreams, Damyon, Worked Up

Kabul Dreams, the first Afghan rock band, established itself in 2008 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The band consists of Sulyman Qardash (lead singer and guitarist), Raby Adib (drummer) and Siddique Ahmad (bassist). Kabul Dreams has paved the way for a modest but growing rock scene in the country, which is rebuilding itself after decades of war. The band’s motivation to perform came from their own love for music, but also from a public hunger for a new life after war – a life that included new music and art.

DAMYON was born Van Nuys, California sometime in the last century. Right from Birth Damyon took to Music as a source of happiness, Sitting for hours listening to albums and cassette tapes, due to being a child with Chronic and Severe Asthma, Damyon was forced to spend his time indoors listening to the Prophets.. Lennon and McCartney, " I remember singing Beatles songs to stop wheezing. Music has saved my life on many occasions."

As a Teenager Damyon would beg older friends to show him how to play songs on his guitar ( This was way before YouTube). After learning a few chords and becoming comfortable enough to play with other people, a desire to play music was born!!

Worked Up



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