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Machine Head

Machine Head is an American thrash/groove metal band that formed in 1992 in Oakland, California. Machine Head was formed by two ex-"Vio-Lence" members Robert Flynn and Adam Duce. The band has been plagued by lineup changes and drug abuse since its inception.
Though the band's first album was a success, Machine Head had a series of albums that earned the band criticism for "selling out". With 5 former members, the band nearly disbanded in 2002 after Roadrunner Records dropped them. The band resigned soon after and had a stable line-up from 2003-2013. In february of 2013 it was announced that after 21 years Duce left the band leaving Flynn the only remaining original member.
In 2007 Machine Head had a Grammy Award nomination for their album "The Blackening".

Robert Flynn, guitar and vocals (1992-present)
Dave McClain, drums (1995-present)
Phil Demmel, guitar (2003-present)
Jared Maceachern, bass (2013-present)

Former members:
Adam Duce, bass (1992-2013)
Logan Mader, guitar (1992-1997)
Ahrue Luster, guitar (1999-2001)
Tony Costanza, drums (1992-1994)
Chris Kontos, drums (1994-1995)
Walter Ryan, drums (1995)

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