Alfred Darlington isn’t your average cookie-cutter musician. From how he looks (early Victorian Dandism), to how he makes music, to how he expresses himself and views the world, his is a very individual, a ‘bespoke’ outlook.

Alfred was born in Santa Monica in 1977 to an artist mother and psychologist father. Musical from very early on, as a child he was classically and jazz-trained in a number of instruments, but his interests were broad and varied – less a prodigy than a renaissance boy whose obsessions ranged from Greek legend to the mountains of Wales. As a 15 year old he finally persuaded his parents to take him to the Principality. Whilst in a YMCA in London he flipped the radio dial, found a pirate radio station and taped some UK rave and hardcore. “It was my first ‘Eureka!’ moment in music,” he says.

Back in the US he joined local rock bands, jazz bands and ska bands, which he enjoyed but felt limited by,too. At home he was listening to Warp, Ninja and your harder electronic stuff. He started DJing out the more leftfield side of drum and bass and making his own rudimentary productions. They were meant to be drum & bass but they kept turning out different and from his outsider’s experiments his own style was born. He chose the name Daedelus as he had a childhood obsession with invention, and what was he doing, after all, if not tinkering and fiddling and experimenting like the “gentleman inventors” of old?

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Moongoddess Entertainment Presents:

Daedelus w/ Wylie Cable + FNDTN X DJ Hurley 

$10 ADV / $15 DOS 

The West Coast Comes to the West Coast!

What does that mean? It means Southern California is coming to Tampa, to Ybor City’s Crowbar, on Saturday, July 28th, as Daedelus and Wylie Cable bring their tour to Florida’s West Coast. Those two L.A. legends will hit the Crowbar in the midst of a dozen dates together ranging from San Diego and Toronto to Chicago and Denver, with Miami also in the mix.

“One foot in the grave, the other gets used for skateboarding.”

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